How To Make Your iOS Device Read to You

If you’re to busy to read through a column, notes or document, a good way to catch up is have your iPhone or iPad read to you. Here’s how to set it up using the Accessibility Options.

Make Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Read to You

On your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, navigate to Settings >> General >> Accessibility.

General Settings

Next, tap Speak Selection.

Speak Selection

On the next screen, you can adjust the speed text is read to you. The default setting is fast, so I slide it down to a more natural speed.
Speaking Rate

Now go to any app that supports touchable text – a website or email for example. Here, I’m using the Wikipedia app for iPad.

Highlight the area you want you device to read to you then tap Speak.

Highlight Text to Speak

This is a feature that works great for those with disabilities. It can also be used for anyone who’s multitasking and need to catch up with other reading. Here I’m using the Speak feature on the iPod touch reading a webpage paragraph.

iPod touch

Check out this video provided by Addictive Tips TV which shows this feature in action.

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