Apple iOS 5: Enable Safari Private Browsing

If you share an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch with someone else, it’s a good idea to keep your web browsing private. Here’s how to enable Private Browsing in Safari on your Apple devices.

When you don’t have Private Browsing enabled in Safari on iOS 5, it keeps a record of your search history, pages you visit and AutoFill Information.

Safari iPad

When Private browsing is enabled, it won’t keep track of pages you visit, search history, AutoFill information and blocks sites from tracking your behavior.

Cover your web browsing tracks in Safari. Enable the Private Browsing feature. On your iDevice go to Settings >> Safari. Then under Privacy, move the Private Browsing switch to ON.

Safari Settings

You’ll know you’re in Private Browsing mode when you launch Safari again. The tool bars at the top will be black.
Private Browsing

When Private Browsing is enabled, it doesn’t keep track of your data. But you’ll have access to sites you visited before turning on the feature.

History Private Browsing

To turn off Private Browsing, go to Settings >> Safari and slide the Private Browsing switch back to OFF. Now Safari will remember your you history and other data.

Safari iPodSafari History iPod

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