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Gmail for Android: Enable Pinch-to-zoom and Swipe

If you haven’t heard yet, Gmail for Android has been updated to include pinch-to-zoom and swipe gestures for Android 4.0 users. These functions were previously exclusive to Jelly Bean devices — specifically the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10.

However, the update may not be so obvious since you’ll have to enable the added features in the settings page. Here’s how.

From your main Gmail screen, tap on your Menu key. Go to Settings >> General Settings.


To enable email content to fit your screen while allowing pinch-to-zoom, check the tick box beside “Auto-fit messages”.

To enable swipe gestures, tap on Swiping conversation list to assign an action when swiping a message. You can choose to either archive or delete swiped messages, or choose “Has no effect” if you prefer neither.

Once these are activated, you can go ahead and try the changes. Pinch the screen to zoom in messages, or swipe a message to either sides to delete or archive. Text should automatically be wrapped to fit your screen, and you should be able to zoom in HTML images in email messages.


The update also allows for attaching photos and videos from with the Gmail app and previews of photo attachments.

If you haven’t updated yet, head to the Play Store and check it out.

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