Amazon Echo Owners in the U.S. Can Give Alexa a British Accent


Do you find the default sound of Alexa’s voice on Echo to be bland and robotic? Here’s how to change it up with a British accent or Sprechen Deutsch.

Amazon continues to update the firmware on Echo devices which improves Alexa’s reliability and introduces new features. One new ability we recently covered is that Alexa can connect your Microsoft Outlook calendar.

But did you know that you can give Alexa a British accent or speak completely in Deutsch? You can access the appropriate settings via the Alexa app for iOS or Android or via the web at Here’s a look at how to set it up.

Make Alexa Speak German or with a British Accent

  1. Launch the Alexa app and head to Settings and select the Echo device you want to change Alexa’s voice for.

Alexa app settings

  1. Next, scroll down and select Language under the General section of the menu. A small menu will appear, and from there you can select US English, UK English ( to give Alexa a British accent), or Deutsch (if you happen to speak the language).

Alexa language

After you change Alexa’s voice to your liking, everything will work the same as it always has, but Alexa now has a British accent. It’s fun to vary things up every now and then. To give you an idea of what to expect, check out the short recording below of Alexa with a British accent.

I personally find that giving Alexa a British accent to the digital assistant provides a rich and more human experience. I find it easier to understand, too. Default voices on other digital assistants like Siri or Google Assistant sound plain and robotic.

I haven’t tested this with the Echo Dot or the Echo Tap but it works well with the original Echo. If you have an Echo Dot or Tap, let us know if this works. Alexa is also available on the Fire TV, however, there currently isn’t an option to give it an accent.

What do you think of the British accent for Alexa? Do you like to change the accent or language of other digital assistants such as Siri, OK Google, or Cortana on other platforms? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.



  1. jeff

    Yes–it works with the Echo Dot.

    • dingusMcFee

      Problem with this is most skills are English US only, so I had to revert back. Super annoying.

  2. wheelsey_4

    Sexy. Hope she starts growing a torso and limbs! Is that just wrong? Oh well.

    • Naticate

      All I can imagine is my Echo Dot with the body of a human and just the dot head and i’m rotfl.

  3. Jordan Bell

    Confirm it works on echo dot – that said there is more to this change than the accent. The context of questions becomes from the point of view of a Brit. Politics, historical context, pop culture, answers are affected in more ways than just the sound of her voice…food for thought.

  4. David

    They’ve made an update it seems. If you try to order, it isays it can only order in your native Lang, to change and try again.

  5. Gingerp

    Why is there not a mans voice option?

  6. Lee

    It’s not much use. if you change to US English, it connects to If you change to British it changes to, and german Hence unless you have 3 prime accounts you’re not going to be able to play music and such things.

    • Eddie

      Not true…it goes of your Amazon account.

  7. sally

    It’s an English accent. A British accent would be some hybrid of Scottish, Welsh, NI and English… just saying’.

  8. Lb

    Really wish there was a man’s voice option. Find this one quite displeasing

    • Sherry

      I wholeheartedly agree!

  9. Mary Ouardaoui

    My Echo Dot also offers English with an Indian accent (wonder if it is Sioux or Mohawk or Seminole, etc.?) :oD…

  10. Kurt Siegel

    And if I change to a UK accent, it changes all units to UK. From Fahrenheit to Celsius, feet and inches to meters and millimeters, pounds to kilos, etc. Not the most useful change…

    • Melody

      Yes she still plays music. My amazon is still the same, not

    • Eddie

      Not true…these are individual settings that you can change

  11. Jim

    The various voice options simply reflect the markets in which Echo is sold, like publishing a user’s manual in several languages. They were never intended as a means to customize your Echo unit’s voice. Changing to anything besides the main language in your own region messes the functionality pretty badly. In other words, we’re limited to women’s voices that are basically the average of the top 100 most annoying.

  12. Syberchick70

    There are now several ‘accents’ available (still all female). You can have UK, Indian, Canadian as well as changing the language to what appears to be Mandarin?

  13. Maggie

    I’d like a Scottish accent! And maybe ability to have an Alex.

  14. C.A. Kail

    Switching my Alexa voice from English (US) to English (UK) worked beautifully BUT “she” now cannot find or read to me any recipes!? is an Alexa Skill but only works if your Amazon device’s language is set to English (US). Bummer !!!

  15. Patricia

    Why cant i change alexa voice to british on my echo show.
    I have the dot and it changed no problen

  16. Booksquire

    All of Amazon Competitors allow a male voice option. How hard is it to have a male voice? It’s enraging and almost a deal breaker for me but for the unlimited music for $3.99 feature. Who thought of adding accents to Echo and not including any of the Romance Languages — ?ijs.

  17. Mary Ann

    Yes if she or Alex had a man’s voice I definitely would give up dating :)

  18. Fantasy Dweller

    I’ll just keep getting turn by turn directions to nowhere from a hot sounding British guy, and RoboDot can continue to wake my butt up in the morning.

  19. Lesley Bartlett

    Thanks you made this really easy for me.

  20. Phil S.

    Sometimes her voice reverts back. For example, with two emails accounts, she asked me in an American accent if I wanted to check my Google email. Then asked me again in the British accent. She appears to be having a bit of an identity crisis.

    If this continues, I might switch back. But then again it’s kinda cool. Kinda like having two secretaries instead of one. I may have to start dropping my pens more often.

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