Adobe Photoshop Camera: Add Effects and Filters to Your Own Images

Adobe Photoshop Camera does a great job of showing you what a picture will look like with lenses applied to it.

Adobe Photoshop Camera can not only add filters or “lenses” as it takes pictures, but it can also add effects to photos already taken. So, if you want your selfies to look like they were taken in a dream world, read on.

After Effects

As we talked about in our review of Adobe Photoshop Camera, Adobe’s new camera app does a great job of adding creativity to your shots while you’re taking them. It does this in real-time, which is one of its best features. It also goes a step further however and allows you to added effects to photos you’ve already taken.

Note: Although we’re going to demonstrate the app using an Android mobile, the process is the same on iOS as well.

Through the Lens

Start by opening the app and going to your Gallery.

Adobe Photoshop Camera gallery open

Once there, tap the second tab at the top. This will allow you to select images from your smartphone’s gallery, rather than the Photoshop Camera’s. Select the image you want to add filters to or edit.

Adobe Photoshop Camera gallery select image

This is where things turn very interesting. Once the image is opened, the app will work its magic by optimizing the image and suggesting the best lenses to use for it. You are more than welcome to use any of the filters you’ve downloaded, but the app is generally right. You can access its suggestions by tapping the filter button.

Adobe Photoshop Camera gallery suggest lenses accessing filters

Once there, you will see a little blue mark on the lenses that the app suggests. Just tapping each one of them can add something like fireworks.

Adobe Photoshop Camera fireworks

A fairytale night sky.

Adobe Photoshop Camera sky

Or, maybe some huge popsicles (or maybe not, but it’s good to have options).

Adobe Photoshop Camera huge popsicles

Depending on the lens you’re using, you can move elements around without fingers and even create small video files. Tapping the lens name will show a number of options that allow you to modify various parameters and obtain the perfect image.

Adobe Photoshop Camera lens setting

The possibilities truly are endless. And if you can do this to an image of a castle, just imagine what this can do to selfies.

Adobe Photoshop Camera is great at adding after-effects to your photos and it does so in a quality way. It doesn’t add them in a “cheesy filter” sort of way that other apps do.

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