How to Add Users and Switch Accounts on Apple TV Running tvOS 13

If you own an Apple TV, it’s nice when each family member can have their own experience while using the device. Here is how to add users and switch between them on tvOS 13 on your Apple TV.

Just like on a shared computer or even a service like Netflix, it’s nice to have different user accounts. This allows each person to have their own individualized experience with the device or service. If you have more than one person in your household using the Apple TV, it too lets you add multiple user accounts. And with tvOS 13, it easier than ever to switch between them. Here’s how to get started.

Note: Here we are using tvOS 13 which, at the time of this writing, is in Public Beta and officially set to roll out in a couple of months. If you’re still running tvOS 12, the idea is the same, but the process has been simplified and additional features added with the updated tvOS 13. Also, note that the person you add needs to have their own Apple ID and need to sign in to the Apple Store at least once.

Add a User to Your Apple TV Running tvOS 13

On your Apple TV head to Settings > Users and Accounts > Add New User.

The next screen will provide a list of email addresses you have previously used on the TV. But since you’ll need to add the other person’s Apple ID address, choose “Enter New” at the bottom of the list.

Then enter in that person’s Apple ID and password then hit the “Sign In” button.

Switching Users on tvOS 13

Once you have your new user set up it’s easier than ever to switch between users. It can be done via the new Control Center in tvOS 13. Press and hold the Home button on the Siri Remote until the side menu slides out from the right side of the screen. There you will see an option to switch user accounts by selecting their profile image.

Or, you can switch via Settings > Users & Accounts > Current User and then choose the account you want to switch to.

Each user experience will be tailored to that family member. The person’s account will have their own “Personalizations” in the TV app. They will also have their own music and movie libraries. Plus additional content in other apps. It’s just like having a user accounts on your computer or phone. A much welcome improvement for Apple TV.

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