Add SkyDrive to the Windows Right-Click Send To Menu

If you use Microsoft SkyDrive a lot, you might want an easier way to send files and folder to it. Here’s how to add SkyDrive to the Send To Menu in Windows.

If you use the SkyDrive desktop application in Windows, you might like an easier way to send files to your drive other than the standard drag and drop method. One way is to add SkyDrive to the Send To context menu, and it’s easy.

Note: For this to work, you need to have the SkyDrive Desktop application installed. The program works with Windows Vista SP2 and higher. Google user? You can add Google Drive to the Send To menu too.

Add SkyDrive to Windows Send To Menu

Adding SkyDrive to the Send To menu is essentially the same as adding Google Drive to it. Use the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + R to bring up the Run dialog and type: shell:sendto and hit Enter.


Now drag a shortcut to your SkyDrive to the Send To folder.  There’s a couple ways to do it, but the way I do it is right-click SkyDrive from Windows Explorer, it should be listed under Favorites. Then drag it over, release it, then select Create Shortcuts Here. That way you will still have the SkyDrive folder under Favorites.


When you right-click a file or folder, you’ll have SkyDrive listed under Send To in the Context Menu.

Send To Context Menu

Bonus Tip: Using the steps above, you’ll be able to send items to the root of your SkyDrive folder. If you want items to go to a specific location, just copy the folder shortcuts from SkyDrive to the Send To folder. Here I added two common places I send files to.

Other SkyDrive Folders

Download SkyDrive Desktop Application



  1. MerryMarjie

    Thanks! I’m always interested in little tips like this that make a big difference in operating Windows!

  2. Alan

    Hi. I didn’t follow how you made the shortcut by dragging the skydrive to the sendto folder. Your screenshot also shows that it is moving it, and you lose it from favourites.When I do that, I have to press Ctrl Z after the move and that restores Skydrive under Favourites but leaves the new shortcut. Alternatively, hold down Alt, while dragging and dropping.
    What I do, is right click on skydrive and select copy. Then right click where I want to place the sortcut (in this case, the sendto folder) and select ‘Paste Shortcut’ .

  3. Brian Burgess

    I right-click and drag it to the folder, then release the right mouse button and you get a menu to Create Shortcuts Here.

    If you left click and drag, it will move it from Favorites.

  4. Alan

    Thanks. I missed the fact that you had said right click. That’s a very handy new tip for me.

  5. Graham

    Tried this is morning and got it to work. Yes did loose the shortcut out of favorites but put it back when I read Brian’s post.
    Can’t remember everything that Windows can do. Glad for the reminder.

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