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Groovy Gravatar Logo - By gDexterYou may have noticed that many people who comment on groovyPost have a photo of them display next to their comment. I’ve been asked by several readers how to add their photo to the comment system, so I figured this would be an excellent How-To for everyone.


What is a Gravatar?

A Gravatar is a photo or avatar that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you comment on websites which are running WordPress software, like groovyPost.

Gravatar screenshot - generated vs. custom

Everyone by default receives a custom Gravatar however it’s much better to add your own. Let’s do that now!


How To Get Your Own Personal And Custom Gravatar

Things you’ll need:

  • An email address you’ll use for all the sites you post comments on
  • A Photo


1. Visit and Click the Get your Gravatar today button.

Gravatar screenshot -  get your own gravatar


2. On the next page Enter your Email address and Click Signup.

Gravatar screenshot - signup to get your own gravatar


3. An email will be sent to confirm, Open your email and Click the Activation link.

Gravatar screenshot - click the confirmation email


4. The link should take you to the activation page, here Type in the desired Username using lowercase letters and numbers, no spaces or punctuation. Then enter a password you would like to use for your Gravatar account.

Gravatar screenshot - enter a username and password


5. Now you need to assign a custom image.  Click Add one by clicking here!

Gravatar screenshot - add an image


6. Next, you need to choose where you’d like to get your image.  In my case, I’m going to pull mine from my Facebook profile image, so I’m going to select An image on the internet.

Gravatar screenshot - select an image source


7. Input your image/image location and Click Next.

Gravatar screenshot - enter image url


8. Chances are your image isn’t a perfect square, so here you can Crop your image using the dotted box on the left.  The Small preview and Large preview is how your final Gravatar will look.  Click Crop and Finish! when done.

Gravatar screenshot - crop your image


9. Next, Click an ACCURATE rating for your Gravatar.

With that in mind, please keep them rated G or PG for use on and just about any other helpful website on the Internet; you would not want to risk having your comments/Gravatar revoked.

Gravatar screenshot - rate your image


All done!

Now whenever you post a comment on a website just use the same email you used when setting up your Gravatar and your groovy avatar will display next to your name if the site supports it.  Feel free to test it out below, in the groovyPost comments!

Gravatar screenshot - your new gravatar image is displayed



  1. Animis

    testing testing

    • MrGroove

      Nice gravatar ;)

  2. dw96


  3. Brian Burgess

    Gravatar is Groovy

    • Steve Krause

      Groovy gravatar baby yeah!

  4. Rick

    Testing… for some reason, it doesn’t look like it’s working!

    • Steve Krause

      Are you using the same email address in the comment as the profile you setup on Gravatar?

      Also — did you upload a picture to the gravatar account?

      • Rick

        Sorry for the delay, the subject fell off my radar, and I just remembered that it wasn’t working… I came to this page to see if I could glean any information, and saw my comment!

        I’ve checked it a few times, and it’s still not pulling my gravatar. I did upload the picture, and on “Manage Gravatars” (on their site) all appears well, email and pic look fine on there. It just doesn’t display on GroovyPost.

        No biggie, just one of those things that I occasionally gnaw at. I think it might have to do with a third party cookie issue… may look at that, I’ll let you know if that ends up fixing it.


  5. Leah


    • Steve Krause

      Works! ;)

  6. Phillip Krause

    Groovy Article for Social Networking

  7. Phillip Krause

    And all quite on the set, Take-2

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