How To Add MOG to Roku

If you have a Home Theater set up with a Roku box, it’s awesome to have a quality music streaming service. MOG offers 14 million songs and can easily be added to your Roku channel lineup.

While you can listen to MOG on Android and iOS mobile devices, you can also add it to Roku. If you have a home theater PC (HTPC) setup, it’s awesome to be able to access quality music streaming services. If you have a Roku, here’s how to add your MOG account.

To add MOG to Roku, log into your Roku account and click Yes, Add Channel to add MOG to your Roku channel Lineup. In this example I’m using the Roku 2 XS.

Add Channel

Like adding other channels to Roku, you’ll get a confirmation message. Keep in mind it can take up to 24 hours for it to appear in your lineup. But anytime I have added a channel it’s added within minutes.

Channel Added Message

Now, on your Roku, select the MOG app.

MOG Roku

Now you can start browsing the music on MOG.

MOG Roku Top Albums

Before you can start listening, you’ll need to sign in first. MOG offers a free 14 day trial for the Premium account, then is $9.99 after that per month.

MOG Roku Sign In

You’re shown a code on the screen from your Roku.

MOG Roku Code

Then go to the MOG activation page and enter in the Code on your screen. Click Activate.

Activate MOG

After that you’ll see the following Congratulation screen.


Back on your TV you’re ready to start using MOG on your Roku.

Use MOG Roku

Playing Album Roku

MOG is a music service with over 14 million tracks, and rumors say HTC is looking at buying it. MOG is just one of several cool music services you can add to your Roku setup. I’ll be taking a closer look at each of these services, and other cool things you can do with Roku in the future.

Do you like the MOG and / or the Roku? Leave a comment and let us know.



  1. Ant Pruitt

    i’m a big Spotify fan and Google Play Music fan. I do enjoy the fact that I can play my Google Music cloud via my Google TV, but sooooo want to have Spotify on my TV. That way my outstanding tracks can blast through my home theater.

    Spotify has a plugin on Plex, but i haven’t been able to get it to work yet.

    Props to Mog.

    -RAP, II

    • Brian Burgess

      Ant: I guess Spotify is available on the Boxee Box. I’ve also read some hakery methods to get it to work on a Roku, but is probably more trouble than it’s worth. I also read a GigaOhm article that says Spotify should be coming out on Roku any day now — but who knows. I will keep my eye out though!

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