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How To Add Local Radio to Windows 7 Media Center

If you have an FM tuner included with your TV Tuner card in your Windows system, you can set up local FM radio in Windows 7 Media Center. If you’re a Windows Media Center enthusiast, or just starting out with it, here’s how to add it.

Of course you’ll need a FM tuner card. They are typically included with internal or external TV Tuner cards. There is not much to setting it up. Just plug it in, and hang the small antenna wire someplace where you’ll get good reception.

Here I am using a Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-150MCE PVR.

Hauppauge PVR

Setup FM Radio and Presets in Windows Media Center

Note: This will also work on Windows 8 Consumer Preview.
First, launch Windows Media Center and from the main menu scroll to Music >> Radio and select it.
Radio WMC Window

Next, under sources, click the FM Radio icon.

Sources WMC

Now tune to a specific Station in your area or just seek. When you find a station you want to save as a Preset, let it play and click the Save as Preset button.

Tuning wmc

Type in a name for the station in the Name field. Notice the radio station icon displays what you type in.

Save Settings WMC

Now, click the Save button to save the station as a Preset. Do this for every station you want to keep as a Preset.

Save Settings Radio 2

When you’re done, go into Presets and scroll through the stations you want to listen to.

Presets Done

That’s all there is to it. A lot of people like to stream their music and other radio over the Internet. With various services like Spotify and my favorite MOG. But sometimes you want to listen to local radio. With the right hardware and Windows 7 Media Center, it’s easy.

If you have a home theater set up, you can send the stations through a stereo receiver and enjoy local radio loud and proud. Groovy!

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