Add Gmail Contact Information in Firefox or Chrome

Rapportive is a groovy Google Chrome and Firefox extension which displays detailed information about a contact in Gmail. here’s a look at the Google Chrome version.

Go to Rapportive Chrome page and click on Add to Chrome.

Rapportive Extension

When the Confirm Installation box comes up, click Install.
Rapportive Installation Box

Once the extension is installed, Google Chrome will show you a confirmation message.

Rapportive Notification

Now, open your Gmail account and open any contact. Instead of showing ads, it displays information about the person. Twitter accounts, recent tweets, Gravatar profile and more. Do note that it will only show you the profile of the user and recent tweets if the recipient has used that email address to register with those services.

Rapportive Contact details

Hover the mouse over the Twitter link and it will display their recent tweets in a small popup.

Recent Tweets

The Repportive extension lets you connect Google, Facebook and Linked in accounts too. Click on Sign in with Google/Facebook and authorize the application to access your information.

Google Authorization

After authorizing Google, it will ask you to authorize the extension with your Facebook account.

Facebook Authorization

This will help users add contacts on Facebook, read and comment on their posts and more, right inside Gmail.

Facebook Comment




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