How to Add Favorites in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

Just like any web browser you want to keep important web pages easily accessible. Microsoft Edge allows you to manage bookmarks/favorites. Here’s how.

Anyone who’s used a browser before knows the importance of having bookmarks (Microsoft calls them Favorites). They allow you to easily find your favorites sites and specific web pages. And the new Microsoft Edge built on Chromium is not different. Here’s a look at how to manage your Favorites in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

Manage Microsoft Edge Favorites

Launch Microsoft Edge and navigate to a web page you want to add to your favorites. Then click on the Favorites button (Star icon at the left side of the address bar).

Microsoft Edge Favorites

When you click the Star or Favorites icon, you are presented with some options. You can give the shortcut a custom name or no name at all and see only the bookmark icon. And choose the folder (if you have folders on the Favorites bar) to put the new favorite into. When you’re finished click the Done button.

Here is also where you can turn on the Sync option. When enabled, it will sync your favorites between your different Windows 10 PCs.

Note: If you’re a keyboard warrior, you can also open the same experience by hitting the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + D. And to show or hide the Favorites bar you would hit Ctrl+Shift+B

That’s all there is to it. Now you can have your favorites sites easily accessible to you from the Favorites bar.

If you don’t see the Favorites icon, open the Options menu (three dots) and go to Settings > Appearance and turn on the “Show favorites button” switch.

Keep in mind that the new Chromium version of Microsoft Edge is available for Windows 7, 8, 10, macOS, Android, and iOS with a Linux version on the way.

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