How-To Add Additional Clocks and Time Zones to the Windows Taskbar

Keep track of multiple times zones by adding by adding extra clocks to the Windows 8 or Windows 7 Taskbar. Here’s how to do it.

Adding additional clocks to the Windows 8 or Windows 7 taskbar is an old trick but if you ever need to keep track of time zones across the globe, it can REALLY come in handy! Over the last few weeks I’ve been travelling quite a bit so I can tell you first hand, this is a groovy trick if you never knew this was possible.

How to Add Extra Clocks / Time Zones to Windows 8 or 7 Taskbar

Click the Clock in the Taskbar and then Click Change date and time settings…

Windows 7 display clock from Taskbar

Click the Additional Clocks Tab and Check the box for either 1 or 2 additional clocks.  Choose the Additional Time Zones using the drop down and give them a Name.  Click OK when done.

Microsoft Windows 7 add additional clock to Taskbar

And that’s it.  Click the Clock again in the Taskbar and the new clocks should all appear!  In my example below, I’m in Europe this week however with this groovy tip it’s easy for me to check the time both locally, back home and in Sydney!

Microsoft Windows 7 displaying additional clocks in different timezones

For both Windows 7 and Windows 8, you’re limited to only two additional clocks. If you want to add an extra time zone to your Outlook 2010 Calendar, that’s a possibility as well.

Editors Note – From the groovyArchives

This how to tutorial is an updated post from our archives. Being recently updated for Windows 8, I wanted to share it again with the groovyReaders.



  1. shockersh  

    might be a simple tip but I never knew it was there…. even after almost a year of using Windows 7. groovy

    • I honestly thought I posted it on the site already. This week when I enabled it I noticed it wasn’t here yet.

      Glad it was a good tip for ya.

      • Process works well for Windows 8 as well — Article slightly refreshed.

  2. pietro  

    But there is the possibility to mache this solution for all user, that are in a samba domain?
    There is the possibility to modify the default user settings?

  3. Nikky  

    Love it! I never knew!

  4. enigma  

    Thanks Mr. Groove for sharing this. The Microsoft Time Zone clock I have for WinXP wont work in my Windows 7 64 bit and Microsoft has nothing for that OS. The tip you gave helped. I just wish Microsoft didn’t limit it to just two time zones.

    • Yeah exactly. I would love to have the ability to add 5 or more. It would be just perfect!

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