How to Add a Collaborator on Instagram

Instagram is a magical land where pictures and videos reign supreme. Brands and other creators look for the hottest tips and tricks to become the cool kids on the block. But let’s face it, staying on top of Instagram’s ever-changing whims (ahem, I mean algorithms) and dazzling new features is like trying to keep a cat entertained with the same toy for more than five minutes — challenging, to say the least. One way to help boost visibility is to add a collaborator to your post or reel on Instagram.

The collaborator feature is like having a buddy in your Instagram adventure, helping you boost those engagement numbers and making your content look as hip as a TikTok dance challenge.

So buckle up, Instagrammers! We’re going on a joyride through the land of collaboration. We’ll not only show you the step-by-step process of adding a collaborator (easier than assembling IKEA furniture, promise!), but we’ll also dish out the juicy benefits of doing it right.

How to Add a Collaborator for Your Instagram Post

If you’re ready to add a collaborator on Instagram, it all happens from the Tag People option. Here’s how it’s done.

  1. In the Instagram app on your mobile device, create a post or reel as you would otherwise.
  2. When you reach the final step, tap Tag People.
    Final Step
  3. Next, tap Invite collaborators. You can invite up to five collaborators.
    Invite collaborators
  4. Type the name of the account you want to collaborate with. Note that if their profile is private, this may not improve your reach much, if at all.
    Enter name of collaborator
  5. In the Edit tags page, tap Done.
    Tap done
  6. Finally, tap Share on the New post page.
    Tap Share
  7. The account you specified will get a collaboration invitation in their direct messages. They’ll need to accept it before your content appears on their feed.
Note: Once you’ve published your post or reel, you can’t add a collaborator. You have to do so before you publish it.

How to Remove a Collaborator from Instagram Content

If you later decide you don’t want to be quite so chummy, you can remove a collaborator.

  1. Find the post from which you want to remove a collaborator.
  2. Tap the three-dots icon in the top right of the post.
    Tap 3-dot icon
  3. Next, tap Edit.
    Tap edit
  4. From the menu, tap the Tag people and products option at the bottom left of the photo.
    Tap icon of person
  5. Next, tap the X icon to the right of the collaborator’s account.
    Tap x beside profile to remove
  6. Now, tap Done.
    Tap done in edit tags page
  7. On the Edit info screen, tap Done once again.
    Tap done in edit info page

I’m a Collaborator on Someone Else’s Content But I Don’t Want To Be

Did someone add you as a collaborator, but you’ve decided you don’t want to share their post any longer? Here’s how you can remove yourself as a collaborator.

  1. Find the Instagram post you’re tagged as a collaborator for.
  2. Tap the three-dots icon in the top right corner.
    Tap 3-dot icon
  3. Next, tap Stop sharing.
    Tap stop sharing
  4. On the confirmation dialog, tap Stop sharing again.
    Tap stop sharing again

The Purpose of the Instagram Collaborator

So, why would you want to add a collaborator to your Instagram content? Picture this: You’re at a party (Instagram, in this case), and you spot someone across the room. They’re cool, they’re in your niche, and they’ve got an audience that would totally dig your vibe.

What do you do? You go over and say, “Hey, want to collaborate?” That, my friends, is essentially what adding a collaborator on Instagram is all about!

When you add a collaborator to your Instagram post, it’s like getting a plus-one to your content party. Suddenly, your post doesn’t just show up in your feed but also in your collaborator’s feed. It’s like getting double the exposure without paying extra.

This is a fantastic chance to team up with someone else in your field and grow both of your Instagram kingdoms together. It’s like having a workout buddy but for social media growth. You benefit from their followers peeping at your content (hello, extra exposure!), and they get to do the same with your audience. It’s a win-win for everyone concerned.

This buddy system is perfect for accounts with similar audiences or topics. Imagine two food bloggers teaming up — double the foodie fun, double the drool-worthy posts! By joining forces, you tap into each other’s networks, giving your content a visibility boost across social media.

So, in short, adding a collaborator on Instagram is like having a dance partner in the great social media ballroom — you help each other shine and get noticed in the crowd!

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