How to Add Chrome and Firefox Activity to Windows 10 Timeline

Edge is the only browser that will sync browsing activity with Windows Timeline. But this new and free extension adds support for Firefox and Chrome.

One of the important new features in Windows 10 1803 is Timeline which allows you to view and go back to what you’ve been doing on your PC. It’s a more robust version of Task View (Alt+Tab) and lets you go back up to 30 days of history. While it works great with Windows apps and some third-party apps, there is a glaring omission. There is no web browser support other than for Microsoft Edge. So you can’t resume your browsing activity from Windows Timeline in the two most popular browsers. But you can now do it with the help of a browser extension for both Chrome and Firefox.

Add Chrome and Firefox Browsing to Windows Timeline

Installation is painless, just install it like you would any browser add-on or extension (links below). After installing the extension, you will need to sign in with your Microsoft account through the app on every device you want to sync.

After that, your browsing history will automatically sync with Windows Timeline – just like Microsoft Edge does now.

Another awesome feature it has is the ability to push open tabs on your browser from one Windows 10 device to another. Click the extension icon and choose “Open this page on another device” from the menu and choose the device you want to push the page. The page will open up on the other machine.

The extension is created by Grid Entertainment’s Dominic Maas who is also the developer for SoundByte, a Windows 10 UWP app for SoundCloud. The extension is still in Beta and free to use. So, keep in mind that everything might not work correctly. Maas notes that more features will be added in the future such as blacklisting sites. That will prevent random searches from cluttering up your Windows Timeline, for example. This extension adds a great ability for Windows Timeline that the official developers should have added to their browsers long ago.

The extension can be downloaded for either browser via the links below:

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Bulukka

    July 25, 2018 at 6:20 am

    I forget I have a timeline in windows. Better with support for chrome.

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