How-To Add A Background To Your Google Search Home Page

Groovy Google News and How ToThe Google homepage is minimalistic and fast loading, but it also is plain and might get boring and old after a while.  Because of this Google has launched a new feature that allows you to personalize the Google Search Home Page with a custom background.

The only thing this feature requires is that you have a Google Account.  Let’s get started.


Visit and then at the bottom left Click Change background image.  If you aren’t signed in you’ll be prompted to sign-in after clicking.

add a background or change image in google search


A pop-up window should appear with four different options.  At first, I suggest you either choose an image from the editor’s picks or the public gallery that other people have uploaded.

use an editor picks or pre-picked image as a google background


If you’re feeling frisky, you can upload your own image from your Picasa web photos, or from your computer.  Note: images you upload from your computer will be stored in your Picasa Web Albums account and are subject to their privacy policy and terms of use.

choose your own image from your computer or picasa album


Once you’ve picked out an image, it will save the setting to your Google Account.  So if you are logged in, every time you visit the Google Home Page you’ll now see this image in the background behind the search.


If you get tired of the image, you can always change or completely remove it by Clicking the Remove background image button that appears at the bottom left of the window.

how to remove the google background image

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1 Comment

  1. Robert

    Another option is using with your google account.

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