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How To Add Any Podcast to the iOS Podcast App

I previously showed you how to subscribe to podcasts in iTunes not listed in the store. You can also add shows not listed in the store to Apple’s new standalone Podcasts app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The first thing you need is the podcast subscription link. Copy the RSS link of podcast you want to subscribe to.

Copy RSS

Launch the Podcasts app on your device. Then tap and hold the Search field and tap Paste.

Paste Link in Search

The podcast link you copied will be pasted into the Search field, then tap Search on the keyboard.

Link Pasted

A message will come up asking if you want to subscribe to the podcast. Tap Subscribe.

Subscribe Message

In my example I subscribed to the Home Server Show podcast, and it’s downloaded and I’m subscribed.


You can do this for any podcast and it comes in handy when a show you want to watch or listen to isn’t listed in iTunes.

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