Add a PIN to Protect Purchases on Chromecast with Google TV

The Chromecast with Google TV allows you to use a PIN instead of typing in your Google password each time you want to make a purchase. Here’s how.

By default, when you make purchases on Google TV you need to enter your Google account password. But you might want something that is easier to enter in with the onscreen keyboard. The cool thing is Google TV allows you to enter in a four-digit PIN code for purchases instead. Here is how to change it over to a PIN and make your purchases easier to get done while still maintaining security.

Add PIN for Purchases on Google TV

To get started grab your remote for your Chromecast with Google TV and scroll over to your avatar and select Settings.


Under the Settings list select Privacy.

Next, under the Privacy list scroll down and select Purchases.


Now under the Payments & Purchases list select Purchase authentication.

Purchase authentication

Now under the Purchase authentication “Require authentication for purchases on Google Play on this device?” section choose Yes, with PIN.

Next, enter your Google account password to confirm settings.

enter password to confirm-settings

After that, if you already have an existing PIN tied to your account you can use it or reset it to something else.

Now enter in the PIN you want to use twice.

type in PIN for purchases

That’s all there is to it. Google will let you know your PIN has been accepted and moving forward any purchases you make on Google TV will require a PIN and not your full Google password. That will make it much easier for purchasing items than having to type in your full password.

The Chromecast with Google TV is different than previous Chromecast devices that came before it. This one has its own self-contained operating system called Google TV and it includes its own remote control. You no longer need to use your phone to stream content to the big screen. Since it has its own OS there are interesting features included like this one that let you get the most out of your device.

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