Google: Access Real Time Analytics

In September, Google announced its Real Time Analytics service. It includes new reports that show what’s happening on your site as it happens. Here’s  how to access the new reports and a quick screenshot tour of what to expect.

Note: Real Time Analytics is only available using the new Google Analytics interface.

Log into Google Analytics. Click New Version if you’re not already using it.

New Version


Expand your account and click the domain you’re interested in seeing the Real Time reports for.

google analytics login to site

Click the Home Tab.

google analytics click home tab

Expand the Menu Real-Time (BETA).

google analytics expand real-time beta menu

The new reports are intuitive. You shouldn’t have a problem exploring the various reports and features that make up Real-Time analytics.

google analytics real time beta menu

The reporting is based on Real Time data with 30 minutes of reporting. One of my personal favorites is the Overview Tab. It shows how many visitors are active on the site along with Pageviews per minute and second.

google analytics real time beta page views

The overview page also includes the Top Referrals, Top Active Pages, Top Keywords and Top Locations

google analytics real time beta top locations

Like most Google Analytics features, I’ve only scratched the surface of what’s available in the Real Time reports. It’s very addicting too. Make sure you have a few hours available before exploring its features.

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