YouTube: Automatic 2D to 3D Viewing

The YouTube blog announced some new features. Its new a 2D to 3D converter lets you make a 3D YouTube video. Here’s how.

 First log in to your uploaded video. Click Edit Info.


Next click 3D Video.


Select Single Image in Frame (normal video). The check Enable 3D conversion for this video. Click Save Changes.

You’ll have your 3D-converted video available after the conversion takes place. It can take several minutes. The service is still in beta. So expect some glitches.


If you have a clean record with YouTube and completed an account verification, you’ll get to upload clips longer than 15 minutes. My account automatically upgraded to this new status.

If you’re into adding effects to your videos, YouTube has also added Vlix and Magisto. Vlix lets you to add effects, text and more. Magisto will break a big video into a few clips.


If you’re ready to make 3D videos in YouTube, check out this new feature.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ron White

    Thanks for the tips on Vlix and Magisto. I didn’t know about them.

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