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X3 With John C. Dvorak: Bitcoin/Dropbox Discussion

X3 with host John C. Dvorak. Andrew Eisner of and Joseph Engo, IT Pro, as usual cohost this intense, rowdy and shortform videocast. It appears regularly here at groovyPost.

John, Andrew, and Joe discuss the recent news about Bitcoin and Dropbox. BitCoin is dying and Dropbox declines Apple offer to buy. [videocast 7:36]

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One Response to X3 With John C. Dvorak: Bitcoin/Dropbox Discussion

  1. David Hollis October 26, 2011 at 4:16 pm #

    The former digital currencies like flooz and beenz were owned and issued by companies whereas bitcoin is peer to peer and not reliant on a company or government to back it. Its simply a way to transfer value across the internet without middlemen.

    With the news about visa and mastercard selling out their users privacy bitcoin is a great alternative to protect your information from being sold by payment companies. No third party can collect the information and sell it to ad networks if you use bitcoin. Its the one intrinsic value that sets bitocin apart.

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