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Frequently Asked Questions / Troubleshooting


Problem: How come no songs or artists are loading?

This can be caused by one of two problems:

Reason #1 : You are accessing a local copy of the page

Solution: For security purposes, groovyBox will not access your hard drive. You have to access groovyBox.html via HTTP in order for it to work. Check your browser location. It should have “http” somewhere in it. Or, if you’re using a browser that doesn’t show http, then it should NOT have file” in it.


If you have Apache or another web server running on your local computer, you can run it locally, as long as your groovyBox folder is located in your www or public_html folder. In that case, the url will look something like this: localhost/groovyBox/groovyBox.html. But frankly, I can’t imagine why you would want to run groovyBox locally instead of just using iTunes or Windows Media Player…


Reason #2 : songs.xml does not exist or is not in the right location

Solution: Open the /guts folder to see if there is a file called songs.xml. If there isn’t one there, you need to run groovyBox.exe to generate it. You have the ability to change the directory where songs.xml is outputted, but don’t. The XML must be called songs.xml and must be located in groovyBox/guts. Later, I’ll implement a feature that lets you create multiple XML playlists.


Known Issues


Certain songs are showing up as blank lines

This is a quirk with the music file’s song information (e.g. the ID3 tag). Basically, some special characters will junk up the script. Also, if the song doesn’t have the proper information, there won’t be a title / artist / album to display. So, make sure that your songs all have complete information. You can edit this right within Windows Explorer by Right-clicking the file and choosing Properties > Details. Avoid having more than one artist or contributing artist, since the semicolon really throws a monkey wrench into the operation. That’s an issue we hope to fix, but for now, if it’s a group effort, call it “Various Artists” or “Jim and Jane and Johnny.”


Page elements or songs aren’t showing up

Make sure that all your files are synced to Dropbox and then try again. Look at the files in your Dropbox folder and see if they have the blue syncing badge or the green check mark badge. If it’s the former, just hold tight.  Likewise, if you’ve made changes to songs.xml, that file will have to sync again. Look in the guts folder to see if songs.xml is syncing.


I can’t get the player to show up

groovyBox requires Javascript to run. If you have scripts disabled, it won’t work.


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