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10 Groovy Back To School Geek Gadgets

It’s September and back to school time. If school is just starting for you, these geek gadgets will make the educational process easier and, also more fun.

It’s September and, like it or not, it’s back to school time. If school is just starting for you, these groovy geek gadgets will make the educational process easier and, also, more fun.

Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T

Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T

First of all, you’ll be needing a device that will act as your personal learning hub, one on which you should be able to do your research, write your papers and run the various apps you’ll need. However, it should also allow you to watch a movie or listen to music when you’re trying to relax after studying for an exam for hours.

The Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T, currently available for $609.99 on Amazon, is a Windows 8 tablet with a keyboard that turns it into a 11.6-inch Windows 8 laptop. With the keyboard added, this is a full-blown laptop, using a 1.8 GHz Intel Atom Z2760 CPU and 2 GB of RAM, but with all of the added bonuses of a touchscreen device (including the fact that Windows 8 works great on a touchscreen).

The 64 GB SSD will make sure you have enough storage space and will also add to the speed of this convertible device. When you’re not using it as a laptop, you can remove the keyboard and use it as a tablet to watch a movie in bed. The ATIV Smart PC 500T is a great study companion and, at 3.6 pounds with the keyboard attached, it’s easy to carry around.

Microsoft Explorer Mouse

Microsoft Explorer Mouse

For more accuracy, you’ll need a mouse and it should be one that’s very easy to take with you. At just $19.99, the Microsoft Explorer mouse is a very good candidate for the job.

It’s light, uses a 2.4 GHz to provide a connection that will work from up to 30 feet away and has a pleasant design. Also, in the good tradition of Microsoft peripherals, it will probably last until you’ll get bored of using it.

New Nexus 7 tablet


When you don’t need such a large screen, the new Google Nexus 7 tablet is a good daily companion. It’s a 7-inch tablet and a very powerful one (pretty unbeatable for its price).

It’s powered by a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 processor and 2 GB of RAM memory and is available in versions offering 16 and 32 GB of internal memory. The tablet, which has a stunning touchscreen with a resolution 1920 x 1200 pixels, runs Android 4.3, the latest version of Google’s mobile OS, and allows you to perform a large number of tasks on the go, as well as relax playing games.

The 16 GB version costs $229, while the 32 GB model can be yours for $301.

FOM Flower Tablet Pillow

Tablet Pillow

And since we’ve talked about tablets, why not make their use comfortable? That is exactly what this tablet pillow does.

It can accommodate any tablet and it saves you from having to hold it in your hand – you just put it on your lap and watch the movie, browse the web, or do whatever else you want to do.

It costs $29.99 at

Canon PIXMA MG3220 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner and Copier

Canon Pixma MG3220

While many teachers have no problem getting your written assignments via email, we’re still a long way from going full-digital and you’ll need to print out things pretty often.

This printer, which also doubles as a copier and scanner, can be purchased for $58.99 on Amazon and features the very useful automatic two-sided printing feature. That way you can help the environment and cut paper costs. It can also connect wirelessly to your computer, so you avoid using yet another cable.

Livescribe 4 GB Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen

Livescribe Echo Smartpen

A digital pen is what you need if you want to keep your notes in perfect order. This device from Livescribe will not only memorize what you write and sketch, but also record audio and sync it with your notes.

That way, if your teacher has said something important related to what you wrote down, you will be able to hear it and remember everything in a quicker fashion. The digital pen has Wi-Fi connectivity and can sync your notes and recordings to the cloud (namely, with Evernote).

The 4GB Wi-Fi version is available for $137.75.

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite

When you need to do a lot of reading, and school usually involves that (or at least it used to, in my time), a dedicated eBook reader is always a good idea. And they don’t get much better than the new Kindle Paperwhite, available at Amazon for $119 with special offers and $139 without them.

First of all, because your eyes won’t get tired, even when reading in the dark and then because you only need to charge it once a month.

Oh, and it can carry up to 1100 books, so you can carry a whole library with you.

Lepow Moonstone 6000 Mobile Power Bank

Lepow Moonstone

All these gadgets may be great, but they all need power. So what do you do when you run out of juice?

The Lepow Moonstone is exactly what the doctor ordered for those situations – it is an external battery pack which stores 6000 mAh of power in it (enough to charge three iPhones). It works with all important phones and tablets (and looks funky, too), and that’s why it should be with you at all times.

You can get it from for $59.49.

Western Digital My Passport 1 TB External Hard Drive

Western Digital External HDD

With so many mobile devices, an external hard drive, where you can store all of your information in case something fails is always a smart idea.

This Western Digital model can store 1TB of data and comes in four different colors, to match your personality. It’s priced at $69.16 on Amazon, includes automatic backup software, as well as password protection and hardware encryption, so you can keep your data safe from intruders.

Case Logic Berkeley Plus Laptop Backpack

CaseLogic Berkeley Plus

Last but not least, if you’re going to carry that much technology around with you, you’ll need something to carry it in. And if that something is a backpack that looks stylish, too.

Available for $47.87, this laptop backpack comes from CaseLogic and has a dedicated laptop compartment, as well as an interior sleeve for your tablet. It can also fit your books and whatever else you may want to carry to school with you.


This is just a list of proposals of geeky back-to-school gadgets but it’s open to suggestions. If you have any, add them in a comment.



  1. Steve Krause

    If you have an iPhone, iPad or MAC, there is only one option when it comes to buying a printer – AIRPRINT!

    That Canon is a nice tip. Support Airprint and it’s under $100. Not bad.

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