What is DAX3API.exe and Why is it Running?

If you go through Task Manager your Windows 10 machine, you might see DAX3API.exe running in the background. So what is it? We have the answers.

If you’re going through Task Manager on a Windows machine, you might see DAX3API.exe running in the background. Is it a valid file? Is it a virus? Great questions. Let’s review what it is and if you should be concerned or not.

Most likely, you have a Dolby Atmos component (surround sound technology) in your machine. Continue to read to verify if it is really a valid process.

What is DAX3API.exe?

It is a Windows service that installs with devices that got a Dolby Atmos component; the file itself resides under C:\Windows\System32\dolbyaposvc. It looks like a Windows system file, which is not the case if you uninstall the Dolby Atmos device. Then this service and this file are gone.

If you are unsure if your system got the Dolby Atmos component, you can verify it from Device Manager. Press Windows Key + X and click Device Manager. Under Software components verify there is a DolbyAPO SWC Device. For further investigations right-click on it and chose properties.

Go to the Driver tab, read out Driver versions. To verify further, you can press the Driver Details button and see that it refers to the file DAX3API.exe

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Is it a safe file?

The file is safe if all the three below are true:

  1. Look if the file is located under the C:\windows\System32\dolbyaposv folder.
  2. Verify the file’s digital signature is valid by both Dolby Laboratories Inc and Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility.
  3. Verify it is the latest version of the file/driver to ensure there are no security issues. If they not recent, check for them either by Windows Update or later versions to download and install based on your system.

If all the three above are true, it is a secure and valid process.

Don’t worry DAX3API.exe is a legit file

As we’ve discussed, DAX3API.exe is normally a valid Dolby Sound file. To be safe, you have to verify the file is recent, has the correct digital signature,  and runs out of the correct folder.

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