What Does AMA Mean And How Do I Use It Online?

Do you know what the internet abbreviation AMA means? Those three letters actually means a lot of things as you can find out here.

We’re continuing our journey through internet abbreviations by looking at their history and usage. “AMA” is the one highlighted below. It has various meanings, although there’s one that beats all others. So hang on tight, and get your questions ready!

What is AMA?

The internet slang AMA means “ask me anything.” You’ll find the term on social media sites, especially Reddit, which has a subreddit dedicated to it called r/IAmA. Online forums (AMAs) that use the abbreviation serve as Q&A sessions typically between someone famous or knowledgeable about a subject and the public members. Besides Reddit, AMAs are sometimes found on Twitter, Twitch, and other sites.


Within the r/IAmA subreddit, anyone can post an AMA at any time, although moderators typically schedule them. The most popular Reddit AMAs so far in 2021 might surprise you. To date, they include ones featuring Bill Gates, actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau of Game of Thrones fame, a wrongfully convicted former prisoner, and many more.

If you want to learn about the history of r/IAmA, check out a brilliant 2014 post from The Atlantic, “AMA: How a Weird Internet Thing Became a Mainstream Delight.”

AMA meaning

Other Meanings

AMA has other meanings that go beyond “ask me anything.” For example, on the medical front, AMA stands for “against medical advice” and is also the abbreviation for the American Medical Association and Australian Medical Association. Non-medical organizations using the three-letter abbreviation include the Americana Music Association, Alberta Motor Association, American Marketing Association, Art Museum of the Americans, and others.

Elsewhere, AMA stands for the American Music Awards and UK Asian Music Awards,  Advanced Measurement Approach, Automatic Message Accounting, American Manual Alphabet. and many more.

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