WaterMinder is Apple’s Free iTunes App of the Week

This week’s free app is the health tracking app WaterMinder. Normally it’s $3, but you can get it free from iTunes until Thursday, February 2nd. But is it worth a download? Let’s review it and find out.

This week’s free app is the health-tracking app WaterMinder. Normally it’s $3, but you can get it free from iTunes until Thursday, February 2nd.

What Is It?

This app helps you track your water intake.  After reading information from Health Sync (or manual entry), WaterMinder calculates how much you need to drink for optimal hydration. By default, it selects water, but the app lets you pick any beverage. They all count the same towards your hydration goal.

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The app also integrates with both Fitbit and the Apple Watch. You can enter your liquids from the Apple Watch and see how close you are to your goal. If your friends need to drink more water, the iMessage stickers give them some gentle encouragement.

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Who Is It Good For?

This is a customized tracker instead of an overall calorie tracker (Tell us which one you use!).  If you’re focused on just your water intake, though, this is the app for you.  The Apple Watch app makes it easy to enter and track your goals.  I’m great with my water intake, so I don’t track plain water. Liquid intake is a great place to start if you’re trying to lose weight.

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The average person probably doesn’t need a hydration tracker unless they’ve had a problem in the past. I drink a ton of coffee (black only, please) and always have a water bottle handy, so this isn’t the app for me. You might check your urine if you aren’t sure you’re hydrated.

Should You Download It?

The app takes up to 90 MB, so it’s not going to make your phone fat.  If you’re focused on liquids instead of overall calorie tracking, then WaterMinder is perfect for you. Again, when in doubt, check the color of your urine.

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