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Warp Shift – Apple’s Free iTunes App of the Week

This week’s free app is maze game Warp Shift. Normally it’s $3, but you can get it free from iTunes until Thursday, January 5th.

What Is It?

In this game, you’re trying to move a character into a portal in as few moves as possible. If you move the pieces too many times, you have to start over. If you need a hint, the game gives you some suggested moves. If you keep getting stuck, you can watch a video ad to start over without penalty. An in-app purchase lets you buy solutions aka cheats.

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Along the way, Warp Shift has a dreamy soundtrack and fun cinematics between levels.

Who Is It Good For?

This feels like a modern-day Rubik’s cube. Align the blocks in just the right way to move the character along. This game is for older kids who have the spatial orientation skills to place the blocks correctly. Adults will like the quick gameplay. If you can’t get it in a few moves, you can just redo the level. Once you’ve mastered a level, you can always go back and try it in fewer moves

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Should You Download It?

We cover each “Free App of the Week” here at groovyPost. Sometimes, the apps are garbage. This week, however, unless you are turned off by “Free Games” which include in-app purchases, I’m going to recommend our readers give Warp Shift a whirl.

They game takes up about 350 MB, so it’s not huge. I’m keeping this one in the same folder as my brain teasers to de-stress.

Those are my thoughts, what did you think of the game? Love it? Hate it? Join the discussion below in our comments!

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