Vantage Calendar is Apple’s Free iOS App of the Week

This week, Apple chose a calendar app called Vantage for its Free App of the Week. Normally it’s $4, but you can get it free from iTunes until March 9th.

Each week Apple releases a free App for it’s iPhone and iPad customers. This week, Apple chose a calendar app called Vantage Calendar. Normally it’s $4, but you can get it free from iTunes until Thursday, March 9th.

What Is It?

Vantage focuses on making your schedule look cool. It doesn’t offer any features beyond visualization. It reads and syncs with the calendar data already on your iOS device. I have dozens of calendars from both iCloud and Google accounts, and Vantage read them just fine.


The interface uses stacks and scrollers to let you see your day and multiple weeks at a time. Apple’s built-in calendar app does a terrible job of moving from day to day, so this is a nice upgrade.

The other handy trick with Vantage is that it lets you change an event’s color and font. You even add cute stickers to help keep track of events. And who doesn’t like stickers? How cool is that!


Sadly these customizations don’t copy to iCloud or Google, so you only get to see them in the app. In-app purchase lets you add additional customizations, but it’s not required. The other in-app purchase lets you add recurring events, which I think is silly since you can do that through the main iOS calendar app. The only use for this will be if you want to use this app exclusively.

Who Is It Good For?

People who have too many appointments on their schedule will enjoy this app (that’s me). In the standard iOS calendar, it’s nearly impossible to customize the look of your events. Apple lets you change colors on a calendar basis, but not on an appointment. The fonts and other interface elements are set by Apple.


When you get to mark workouts with a little picture of weight or your payday with a dollar sign, your calendar doesn’t seem as daunting. Dare I say even fun?

I’d even recommend this app for kids. They need to learn how to keep a calendar.  Adding stickers, fonts and colors might get them organized. I know I liked having a different Trapper Keeper folder for each subject.

Should You Download Vantage?

The app takes up about 73MB. I’m keeping this one and probably going to use it as my primary calendar app. I’ve tried other apps, and they tend to add too many features. This just makes it easier to see and find what I need.

So, my advice, grab it while it’s free and save $4. At the very least, it’s worth a look.

Download Vantage Calendar (iPhone/iPad) 



  1. ScottJ

    March 5, 2017 at 5:05 am

    Doesn’t seem to bring attachments or URLs over from the iOS calendar.

    • Dave Greenbaum

      March 11, 2017 at 8:36 pm

      I didn’t notice, but you’re right. Boo!

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