Telepaint – Apple’s Free iTunes App of the Week

This week’s free app is puzzler Telepaint. Normally it’s $3, but you can get it free from iTunes until Thursday, June 29nd.

What Is It?

This game is your typical puzzler with a few twists. The theme is retro, 8-bit style graphics. Your goal is to unite your character, the paint bucket, with a paint brush. Matching portals move you through the game to get keys and unlock your companion.

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The puzzles are all about picking the right portal combinations so the bucket can avoid obstacles and get to the keys.  t looks like a platformer, but it’s definitely a puzzle game. Each level goes pretty fast if you don’t figure out the right combination.  The free version includes 20 levels. An in-app purchase unlocks extra levels.

Who Is It Good For?

Don’t let the cute graphics fool you; this is a game for older kids and adults.  You’ll need puzzle solving skills to move past each level.  It plays more like Pool:  anticipating moves and outcomes. If you guess wrong, the level resets.

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Should You Download It?

The game takes up only 115MB.  I’m keeping it because it’s a quick distraction, but I am muting the volume because the music gets annoying.  Owners of older devices, such as an iPhone 5 might not be able to run the game.  I had no problems on my iPhone SE, but it didn’t run on my iPad Air 2. The developer says a fix is on the way.

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