Super Phantom Cat is Apple’s Free App of the Week

This week’s free app from Apple is Super Phantom Cat. Normally $2, it’s free for a week on your iPhone and iPad. Continue reading for our review and recommendation if it’s worth a download.

This week’s free app is the retro-styled game Super Phantom Cat. Normally it’s $2, but you can get it free from iTunes until Thursday, September 22nd.

What Is It?

You’ll love this game if you like old-school Super Mario Bros for the original Nintendo Game Console! The 8-bit style graphics and simple soundtrack bring you back to your childhood. If you weren’t alive in the 80s to play this, then let’s just call it a HipsterVille throwback. Put on that Stranger Things Spotify playlist and get playing.


Who Is It Good For?

The game has an excellent introduction to show you the game plays. Move, run and jump. That’s it. Along the way, hit your head on some blocks and jump on the head of your enemies.

Super Phantom cat supports Game Center, so you can record the game and play with your friends. It takes some time to finish a level, so this game isn’t something to play when you have a few minutes to kill. These levels will keep you (or your kids) occupied for a while. Quick reflexes and fast motion are what you need to win this game.


Should You Download It?

On my iPhone 5s running iOS 9, the game loaded just fine. The game takes up about 80 MB on my device. I’m going to keep it on my iPhone because it’s handy when I want to entertain a niece or nephew. That cute kitty cat and bright colors will keep them from asking, “Are we there yet?”

via iTunes – Download Super Phantom Cat



  1. Jack Busch

    I downloaded it. I was around in the 80s. Sometimes I am pretty amazed at the free games we get to play on the super computers in our pockets. Especially when compared to some of the god awful games I misguidedly wasted my allowance to rent at Blockbuster solely based on cover art and the back of the box.

  2. Jack Busch

    Also this game came with this message right out the gate. Who told them about my dead icy heart?

    thanks cat game

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