Perchang is Apple’s Free App of the Week

This week, Apple’s free app of the week is a game called Perchang. Normally it’s $2, but you can get it free from the iTunes Store until Thursday, November 17th.

This week’s free app is the puzzle and mind game Perchang. Usually, it’s $2, but you can get it free from iTunes until Thursday, November 17th.

What Is It?

The game is deceptively simple:  get marbles into a hole by adjusting a Rube Goldberg device. By changing one or two of the gadgets, the marbles go in the right place. At early levels, all you do is adjust a lever or a fan. Later in the game, figuring out where the marbles go isn’t that obvious.

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The game has excellent 3D details, which you can put into Low Power Mode to prevent battery draining. The soundtrack isn’t very inspiring but gives you some motivation.

Each level takes a maximum of 60 seconds. The level ends when you’ve filled the container with marbles or the time runs out.

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The in-app purchase of $1.99 adds more levels. If you want more time on a puzzle, the in-app purchase lets you continue past the deadline. I didn’t try either purchase and probably wouldn’t buy the continues. Half the fun of a game like this is running against the clock.


Who Is It Good For?

I recommend this game to older kids and adults who can solve complex puzzles. I could see a younger child have trouble figuring out how to line up the marble path.  You don’t need an A in geometry to win this game.  The secret is, like any machine, you have to see how shapes and angles change the trajectory of the marble.

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I loved this game! Perchang was a short burst of fun when I had a few minutes to kill. I knew the level wouldn’t take more than 60 seconds. Playing cleared my mind a little, and I got to think outside the box and into the ball.

Should You Download It?

The app played slow on my iPhone 5s but was manageable. I had no problems with a newer phone. The app takes up about 350 MB. I’m keeping this game on all my devices. Unlike other games, I keep entertaining the young ones, in this game, I’m keeping all to myself. With the 60-second limit on levels, it won’t occupy them long. This game is about thinking and conceptualizing rather than pure entertainment.

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