Get a Free Month of DirecTV NOW on Roku

AT&T’s DirecTV NOW live TV streaming service has finally come to Roku devices. To help promote the news, the company is offering a free one-month trial.

More and more people are choosing to ditch their expensive cable bill and move to cheaper and more flexible live streaming services like Hulu Live or PlayStation Vue (which has been discontinued). Another live TV streaming service from AT&T, DirecTV NOW, was recently rolled out to Roku devices this week. To help promote this, the company is offering a free one-month trial.

The live streaming TV service business is becoming a crowded place and a bit confusing. Not all services offer the same features or programming. Some have a better on-demand library. Access to some live events differs depending on your region. Also, not all services are supported on the devices. And finally, there is the matter of cost. Fortunately, each one offers a limited trial for you to try before you buy.

Note: To get this trial you have to be a new subscriber and a Roku device that is a minimum of the Roku 2 (model 4210) or newer and follow the steps outlined below. Also, note that you need to redeem the promo by 8/31/17.

Free Month of DirecTV NOW for Roku

To get the free month offer, head to and copy the promo code at the top of the page. Then click the Redeem & Stream button in the lower right corner and create your account.

Directv Now Roku Offer

Then select the plan you want. Since you’re getting this free for a month… might as well choose the “Gotta Have It” bundle as it offers the most channels. 😊

DirecTV NOW Plans

The most important thing to do when entering in your credit card info is to make sure you plug in the Promo Code. If you don’t, you will only get the 7-day trial.

promo code

Make sure to mark down the date the trial period ends if you want to cancel. Otherwise, you’ll automatically be charged the full amount on your credit card. Or… do like Jack and cancel the service right away after you sign-up. This way, you won’t get stuck with something you don’t want. If you like it, just renew it.

If you haven’t tried a live TV streaming service before, this is a good time to give one a try. Even if you end up canceling, it will give you an idea of what to expect and whether you would want to cut the cord. It’s also worth mentioning that, in addition to a Roku device, this free month trial works on all the devices DirecTV NOW supports.

I signed up for the free month and will be putting up a review of the service soon. But, after just a couple of days with it — I can’t say I’ve been too impressed.

Are you a fan of DirecTV NOW or prefer a different service? Leave us a comment below and let us know.



  1. Bill Owens

    Thanks for posting this. It’s a good deal. However, for most of us, just getting an Internet connection costs about $50 to $70 (NY/NJ area) and if you add the $70 monthly fee after the 30-day free trial, you end up paying around $130-140. No so different from the regular cable service with 210 channels which costs about $150-160.

    • Heather L.

      This is true. When I switch to a streaming service, I will actually be paying more than I am paying with cable. I pay $15 a month for cable tv. But it’s for one tv, and I never use it because of the interface. I’m only interested in live tv for news and sports, (I get everything else commercial free on Hulu and Netflix) so scrolling through zillions of channels I don’t care about to find what I’m looking for is not my idea of fun. I’m willing to pay the extra $15-$25 for a service that better aligns with my needs and is more efficient for being able to find and watch what I want. I don’t think Direct TV Now has that kind of interface (more like cable) but it’s a good way to try one of these out for free before I pay for the one of the others.

  2. AT

    Big deal. A free month is a slap in the face to Roku users. Is Directv Now
    going to offer the $35.00 deal like it did with other streaming companies? Typical bait and switch scam

  3. Richard

    Thank you for the Post Brian. Will definitely give it a try. Worth trying for a free month. Greatly Appreciate the info.

  4. brainaudio

    Roku seems worth trying for. The free month would be a great thing to get this.

  5. Brian Burgess

    Thanks for the kind words guys. Yeah, so far I haven’t been very impressed with it compared to PlayStation Vue or Hulu Live or even Sling TV. The signal drops out a lot and the UI isn’t anything special.

    Still, it’s free for a month and worth giving a shot. I am writing up a full review of the service and look forward to what you guys think about it, too!

  6. Ben Halwood Jr.

    That is really true about about paying internet $104 dollars in Arizona, then paying for directv now is $39?, is just like paying for a whole cable system. It’s not free! For direct tv setup you get 3 months free and directv now you only get 1 month free?@$#%…

  7. Heather L.

    I have cable, and am only paying $15 a month for it with the bundle, yet I still think it’s worth getting a streaming service instead. I’ve already decided I want to pick Hulu because it has the two things I care to watch that aren’t already on regular Hulu and Netflix: News and Sports, and best of all about Hulu’s tv service, I can tell it what teams I like and it will automatically tell me when they will be on and record them, so I don’t even have to worry about checking schedules (which is something I never seem to find time to do – and I miss all the games!) I also like the interface much better on Hulu. I don’t “channel surf” and hate scrolling through zillions of channels looking for something – it’s another reason I want to quit cable. I hate commercials, so the only things I’m willing to watch with commercials are the two things I mentioned above that I can’t get any other way, so those zillions of channels are totally useless to me. I heard the other services (like Direct TV’s) have the same interface, and you can’t fast forward through commercials on recorded shows, so I won’t be keeping it after the trial – but I will do the trial before I sign up for Hulu for the free month to save some money! I will say the premium movie networks at $5 and $8 are a very good deal if you’re willing to put up with the other shortcomings of Direct TV Now. I’m going to end up paying $15 for HBO’s standalone app when I get Hulu. The other thing I hate about cable is I can only use one tv unless I’m willing to shell out for another box. These streaming services are expensive – I wish you could cherry-pick just the channels you want, or they bundled things like “news” and “sports” and I could skip the others (would still add-on movie channels – no commercials!) But if I can’t have that, I may be paying more than I did for cable, but at least I will be using it!

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