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This week’s free app is the story puzzle FRAMED. Normally it’s $4, but you can get it free from iTunes until Thursday, June 15th.

This week’s free app is the story puzzle FRAMED. Normally it’s $4, but you can get it free from iTunes until Thursday, June 15th.

What Is It?

It’s an interactive story, like Lifeline: Whiteout, but here you move the story along by arranging the storyboard. Put them in the wrong order, the story stalls. Get the parts correctly staged and the story moves along. In that aspect, the game is like the famous Monument Valley.

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The animation here is classic comic book style, but with a little Archer and Mad Men thrown in there. The music keeps you entertained while you figure out the story.

Who Is It Good For?

This is a PG-13 game since it has simulated blood and death. The adult theme of running from the police probably isn’t good for kids either.


Everyone else will like figuring out what’s next in the story. In many ways, it’s like an interactive book. Since it isn’t an arcade-style game, you can pick it up anytime. Don’t bother playing it on the iPhone:  it’s too small.  The app is fine on the iPad but really shines on the Apple TV.

Should You Download It?

The story takes up about 350MB. You’ll get through it within an hour or so; therefore, it’s probably not worth keeping after you play it. If you have an Apple TV, play it there and keep it for others to explore.

What do the Reviews Say?

Taking a look in the Apple App Store, the game has had over 1,100 reviews since its release, with an overall rating of 4.5 stars. Not bad. Here’s what other various reviewers think of the game online:

“My best game in this year without any doubt.” – Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid)
“It looks like a work of goddamn genius.” – Kotaku
”I was blown away by Loveshack’s Framed.” – Penny Arcade
“Guilty of Awesome.” – Rock, Paper, Shotgun
“Noir-drenched motion comic puzzler gets big thumbs-up.” – IGN
“Framed has an incredible art style, and it plays unlike anything else we’ve seen.” – Slide to Play
“Framed meshes narrative and gameplay like nothing else.” – Mac Life
“With a jazzy soundtrack and a gritty vibe befitting its genre, Framed succeeds at telling a story in more ways than one.” – Complex, Pop Culture
“Don’t miss this smart and innovative indie gem.” – Pocket Gamer

** FINALIST ** ‘Excellence in Design’, IGF 2015
** WINNER ** ‘VisuaI Design’, Indiecade Festival 2014
** WINNER ** ‘Excellence in Design’, IGF China 2013
** WINNER ** ‘Best Game’ – Freeplay Independent Games Festival 2013
** WINNER ** ‘Best Upcoming Game’ – International Mobile Game Awards 2014
** WINNER ** ‘Best Narrative’ – Brazil’s Independent Games Festival 2014
** WINNER ** ‘Best Puzzle Game’ – Intel Level Up Awards 2014
** PAX 10 SELECTION ** – PAX Prime 2014
** FINALIST ** ‘Most Amazing Game’ – A MAZE Festival Berlin 2014
** FINALIST ** ‘Innovation Award’ – Australian Game Developer Awards 2014
** OFFICIAL SELECTION ** BAFTA Inside Games Showcase 2014

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1 Comment

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    Thanks for the “parental rating” info and summary.

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