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Colorcube- Apple’s Free iTunes App of the Week


This week’s free app is the puzzler Colorcube. Normally it’s $.99, but you can get it free from iTunes until Thursday, August 17th.

What Is It?

Like other shape and color puzzlers we’ve covered before, the goal in this game is to complete shapes.  Twist the triangles to match the pattern and then tap to change color. As the game gets harder, the shape configuration gets tricky.  You’ll need to overlap and blend colors to get them to match.

During the game, a relaxing soundtrack repeats to help focus your mind. If you have trouble with colors (or playing at night), the game lets you shift the color palette.

Who Is It Good For?

This game is definitely in the relaxation category. Colorcube encourages you to take your time and see things from different angles, literally.  This game isn’t for the action-oriented crowd. It lacks timers or deadlines.  That’s why it’s relaxing!

Once you solve the puzzle, the pattern seems obvious.  The more you focus and think “outside the box,” the quicker you’ll move on to the next level.

As long as someone can differentiate shapes, they’re the right age to start playing the game.  They might not get as far in the game unless they can visualize overlapping shape relationships. If kids are trying to learn colors and how they relate, this game is a hands-on teaching tool.

Why Did Apple Pick it?

Colorcube shows how simple a game can be while still being engaging.  Without any written instructions, localization isn’t a problem.  This game can have international appeal without any changes to the design.  You jump right into the game and start figuring it out.

Another showcase feature of this game is recognizing people with visual differences.  Letting the player shift the color palette gives the game accessibility that is often lacking in the mobile experience.

Should You Download It?

It’s only 40MB, so it shouldn’t take up much space on your iOS device. With over 250 levels, the game will keep you occupied and relaxed. I think this will be my go to game when stuck on an airplane without an internet connection.

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