Blek – Apple’s Free iTunes App of the Week

This week’s free app for your iPhone and iPad is the Apple design award winner – Blek. I took the game for a quick spin and documented my journey. Enjoy!

This week’s free app is the brain game Blek. Normally it’s $3, but you can get it free from iTunes until Thursday, September 15th.

What Is It?

At first, I couldn’t figure out the game. It had no instructions, no settings. Just a colored circle and a picture of a finger. At that point, I lost interest. For the sake of writing the article, I found the official site and guide.


This game reminds me of a cross between Fruit Ninja and Snake. You swipe with your finger to create a line to go through a series of colored dots. The line bounces around and goes in the direction of your initial gesture. If you make a circle, the circle swirls around the game board, hitting the colored dots. If your line hits the black dot, your line is absorbed.

Who Is It Good For?

People who like pool will love this game. The play is all about anticipating movement and bouncing your line on the edges. Since I’m not the best at pool, I lost interest quickly. Without clues or hints, I gave up on the game after just a few moves. You need patience and spatial orientation skills for this game to work. When you have an excellent round, the app lets you share the video or screenshot of your gameplay. Blek integrates with Game Center so you can compete with friends. None of my friends wanted to play the game!


Should You Download It?

On my iPhone 5s running iOS 9, the game loaded slowly. The game takes up about 90 MB on my device. That isn’t a space hog, but it’s not very lean if you’re running low on space. I doubt if I’ll play it again. Yup, just uninstalled it…

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