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Beat Stomper – Apple’s Free iTunes App of the Week

This week’s free app is the jumper game Beat Stomper. Normally it’s $2, but you can get it free from iTunes until Thursday, June 22nd.

What Is It?

Imagine Breakout crossed with Rock Band.  In this game, your goal is it to keep the ball up in the air.  The minute the ball misses its target, the game ends.  No second chances or extra lives.  You’ve got to go all the way back to the beginning once you make a mistake.

The sound here is the focus.  The killer soundtrack that enhances the game.  If you don’t use headphones on this one, you’re really missing out.

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Who Is It Good For?

This game requires strong hand-eye coordination.  You also have to accept the minute you make a mistake, you start over again.  I can see kids getting frustrated easily with that “no second chances” approach.

If you want to get far in the game, it requires your undivided attention.  You can’t stop, even for a second, otherwise, game over!  Not everyone has that type of time to commit to a game.

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Should You Download It?

The game takes up only 135MB.  I’m deleting it because I got too frustrated at the dedication the game requires. Although I’m sure the game would be fun if I could spend more time with it, spare time is not something I have, at least for now.

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