Radiohead – In Rainbows Free Online Download

Today I downloaded the latest (Amazing) Music CD from one of my favorite bands, Radiohead.  With the release, Radiohead is breaking new ground in how they are selling their music.

  1. They are cutting out the middleman between them and their fans (bye bye distributors and sleazy music industry) and
  2. They’re not selling the music, they’re using the honor system by allowing you to pay them what you think the album is worth.

radiohead purchase

Personally, I figured around $10.00 was a fair price however my guess is only die-hard fans will pay something using this new “Honor System.”  Who knows?  I’d be curious to see how much they make off this?

Anyway, after the online payment, a link was provided, and I downloaded the CD in just a few minutes:

radio inranbow download

The Music?  VERY Groovy!  Great tunes, unique and should please both old and new Radiohead fans.  Each and every track is fantastic!  Two groovy thumbs up!

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