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How To Change the Color Scheme

If you’ve started using which was launched as a preview this week by Microsoft, you might want to jazz up the look of it a bit. Changing the color a little bit is about all you can do right now.

Go to and log into your Microsoft email account – @live, @hotmail, @msn, Xbox Live or @outlook. Then, click the Settings (Gear Icon).

Outlook Settings

From the menu that comes up, hover your mouse over one of the available colors. The color will change just by hovering over it. So you can get a preview of how it will look.

Hover Mouse over Color

The Commands Bar will be the most obvious change in the color scheme. But if you look closely, the menu borders, email highlights, links and certain text will change to the color scheme you select too.

Dark Red

While changing the appearance of your inbox is limited right now, I would expect more options and third party plugins will give us the ability to customize it more in the future.


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