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Beginners How To Guide for Setting Up a New Computer

You’ve had that old rusty computer forever, but you just opened up a brand new box with a shiny new Dell, HP, Gateway, etc, inside.  You probably want to start using it right away, for work, games, social networking, reading groovyPost etc..  Below is a quick reference Step-by-step for getting your new system optimized and […]

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How to Disable Notification Balloons In Windows 7 or 8

Microsoft updated the way Windows 7 and 8 handle balloon-tip pop-up notifications, but it didn’t get rid of them completely. If you’re fed up with these, not to worry – with a few tweaks we’ll have them shut off in no time. Disabling the notification balloons in Windows involves modifying the system registry.  You can […]

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How to Manage Startup Programs in Windows Using CCleaner

Sick of annoying programs always starting when your computer boots up?  You should be.  They take up extra memory AND they slow down the boot time significantly. MrGroove recently explained how to disable startup items using MSCONFIG, a utility that is built-in to windows however a few of the groovyReaders left some comments about other […]

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Make Any Program In Windows Stay “Always On Top”

When you are working in Windows with limited screen space it can be really useful to have certain windows stuck hovering above others.  Some programs in Windows automatically incorporate this “always on top” feature, but for the most part both Windows 7 and Vista are completely without it.  However, there are two free and simple […]

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How-To Automate Tasks on a Windows or MAC PC Using Action(s)

Hey there groovyReaders! Have you been using your computer for things like rotating or renaming photos and moving and compressing files to your external HDD?  You know, it’s those basic actions we do often that we  wish we could just automate or have someone else do for us!  Luckily, there is!  Today I’ll quickly go […]

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