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Wi-Fi Kindle is Amazon’s Top Seller Ever

And it’s not just the holidays’ top selling product; it’s the company’s bestselling item in history, surpassing “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”. The company has announced the news, but they still haven’t published any figures to go with it. Amazon has only mentioned that more Kindles have been activated on Christmas day than in […]

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How To Use Wireless Network Settings In Windows 7

How To Manage Your WiFi Networks In Windows 7

With Windows 7, Microsoft vastly upgraded how Wireless Networks are handled.  If you consider the huge growth of wireless over the last 5 years it’s easy to understand why this upgrade was a shoe-in.  This groovy guide will show you the ropes for managing wireless networks with the new changes in Windows 7. How To […]

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Groovy News

Starbucks Serving Up Free WiFi Starting July 1st

Are you a coffee lover with a mobile WiFi enabled device?  If so you’ll want to take advantage of the new free WiFi that Starbucks is brewing, available in July. On Monday (Jun 14th) Starbucks announced via their twitter stream that they will be offering “Free. 1 click. No registration WIFI at all US locations!”  […]

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Dexter’s Device of the Week: The “MiFi”

Being a big time wireless user at home and at work this little device really caught my attention.  Novatel Wireless has produced a small gadget roughly the same size as an iPhone.  They are calling it the MiFi, a “mobile WiFi broadcasting device.” The device itself is sleek and thin, and will fit in your […]

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What is a Wi-Fi Hotspot and How Do I Use It?

I suppose by now everyone has seen different business’ and coffee joints offering “FREE WI-FI Hotspot!”.  I guess that’s why I was surprised when a friends wife asked me recently what “WI-FI is?”.  Hmm…  “Well, the “Wi” Mean Wireless and the “Fi” means… Um..  Good question actually!  She was happy to have stumped “MrGroove” and […]

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