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Best of the Best Free Adobe Photoshop Alternatives

When it comes to Photo and Image Editing / Manipulation, there really isn’t a better application that Adobe Photoshop.  Photographers and Creative studios will agree it’s the premier photo editing application Period. Unfortunately, Photoshop also comes with a steep learning curve and a premium price tag which for must of us is overkill considering we […]

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Firefox 4, First Impressions

Firefox 4’s final version has been released today, and we’re already testing it out. The new version arrived right on time and according to schedule.  By now it has already reached over 2.5 million downloads and updates. A lot sure has changed since version 3.6.  If you’ve used the release candidate version, this shouldn’t be […]

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Windows Phone 7 Comparison Chart

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 devices are officially on sale in the United States and elsewhere.  Samsung, LG, HTC, and even Dell have jumped in and created phones for all of the major carriers, but with all of the choices available it brings up an important question.  That is, if you’re going to get a Windows […]

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