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How-To Save MS Office 2007 documents as a PDF or XPS

Shortly after upgrading to Microsoft Office 2007 I ran across this nice FREE add-on from Microsoft which allows you to save your documents in the Adobe PDF or Microsoft XPS format using all eight Microsoft Office 2007 applications.  I use the feature almost daily so I’m sure all you groovyReaders will appreciate the find!   […]

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How To Use Your WiiMote as a Mouse in PowerPoint and Other Windows Applications

The Nintendo Wii Remote may feel revolutionary, but in reality, it’s little more than a Bluetooth device with an accelerometer and an optical sensor on the front. Okay, it’s not exactly primitive—it’s not like you could make one in shop class—but the technology that drives it isn’t proprietary either. That’s good news, because it means […]

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How to Create a Groovy Custom E-Card with PowerPoint 2010

There are many e-greetings generators out there, most of which subject your recipients to at least a few annoyances (not to mention harvesting your email address or worse…).  But did you know that you can use PowerPoint to create a custom, animated greeting card for that special occasion or holiday, replete with music and animation? […]

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