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Encrypt Entire System Disk with TrueCrypt

How to Encrypt Your System Disk and Why You Really, Really Should

In spite of the many layers of security built into Microsoft Windows, there lies a massive vulnerability in nearly every computer in a home or office: the data on your hard drive is unencrypted. This means that even an unsophisticated hacker could access your data without knowing your Windows login credentials. Fortunately, there’s an easy and free fix for this security hole: system disk encryption. Read on to learn how to encrypt your entire system disk using TrueCrypt.

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BoxCryptor: A TrueCrypt Alternative Designed for Dropbox Security

Here at groovyPost we like keeping our data safe. From basic methods of protection, like a password, key, or a hidden directory, to heavy encryption methods and professional solutions to keep our data away from the wrong hands. Today we’ll review an incredibly easy to use encryption software, called BoxCryptor. Note from groovinJackman: This groovyReview […]

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How to Encrypt Your Dropbox Folder

We have a popular post here at groovyPost that compares Dropbox and SugarSync.  The lengthy review has given rise to quite a bit of discussion in the comments, including a bit of controversy over security. Dropbox and SugarSync, which both utilize Amazon’s S3 web storage, claim that your data is safe from hackers due to […]

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7-Zip – Freeware File and Folder Compression and Encryption Tool [groovyDownload]

Today after upgrading to the latest release of 7-Zip on my Windows 7 machine, I decided 7-Zip deserved an honorable mention since I’ve not spoken about the product here on groovyPost (I know… long overdue!) Similar to RocketDock (which works with Windows 7 YAHOO!!), 7-Zip is one of those applications I install immediately after building a […]

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GFI Freeware – LANguard and Home Backup

GFI recently advertised FreeWare products on the cover of the July Issues of TechNet Magazine kicking off it’s We Care imitative.  I’ve always been a fan of GFI and even more so now after reviewing the advertised link!  GFI really is giving away 3 great products (only 2 are available at the time of this […]

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Test Password Strength

Password Protect Microsoft Office 2003 Documents

Recently I wrote an article explaining how to Password Protect Office 2007 Documents. Because the process is so much different, I felt it necessary to write a separate groovy How-To Article for Password Protecting (and encrypting) Word 2003, Excel 2003, and PowerPoint 2003 documents (yes it’s also possible to add Passwords to Access – however, […]

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