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How to Manage Startup Programs in Windows Using CCleaner

Sick of annoying programs always starting when your computer boots up?  You should be.  They take up extra memory AND they slow down the boot time significantly. MrGroove recently explained how to disable startup items using MSCONFIG, a utility that is built-in to windows however a few of the groovyReaders left some comments about other […]

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How to Create an Administrator Privileged Shortcut that Bypasses Windows UAC

Last week we learned how to create a discreet total-computer-history erase button using CCleaner.  The only problem was, when Windows launched the shortcut it caused the UAC (User Account Control) security window to pop-up.  Fortunately, Microsoft inadvertently included a way to bypass the UAC prompts if the shortcut is ran as an administrator Task.  Let’s […]

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10 Ways to Improve Performance on a Windows PC

A common question I receive via email (I get A LOT of email so please be patient I DO answer every email I receive) is “How can I speed up my computer?”  I also get the question regularly from my younger nephews and nieces “MrGROOVE, MrGROOVE! Make my video games go faster!!”.  Ok, I made […]

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