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ZoomIt is a Windows Powertool for Free-Drawing, Zoom, and Breaks

Windows comes with a built-in magnifying tool for when something might be hard to see, but it’s really basic at best. Recently I stumbled upon a similar but more powerful tool by developer Mark Russinovich that magnifies things even better. Not only does is it better at magnifying, it also adds several other powerful features such as screen drawing, break timing, and always-zoom mode. And of course, like most of the software we feature on groovyPost it is completely free to download and use. Watch the video below for a quick demo of the basic features.

The first thing I’d like to mention about ZoomIt is that the application has a very low system footprint. At less than 4K for both its 32-bit and 64-bit processes combined, there shouldn’t be any noticeable drag on system performance.


Next, is nearly everything about ZoombIt can be customized. The default hotkeys to activate each mode of the tool are the Ctrl + # keys, but that can be changed with ease. The program can also be set to show up in the system tray and run automatically when Windows starts.

zoomit zoom modelivezoom tab

Drawing mode is where there is a little less customizability allowed. To use it effectively will require memorizing the hotkeys, but they aren’t too bad and mostly make sense. Text can also be customized with size and font.

ZoomIt Drawing hotkeys:

  • Change colors
    • r = red
    • g = green
    • b = blue
    • o = orange
    • y = yellow
    • p = pink
    • Shift = line
    • Shift + Ctrl = arrow
    • Ctrl = box
    • Tab = sphere
    • Ctrl + mousewheel = change pen size
    • Ctrl + up/down = change pen size
    • Ctrl + C = copy the screen
    • Ctrl + S = save the screen drawings
    • Ctrl + Z = undo
    • e = clear all drawings
    • w = draw on blank white screen
    • k = draw on blank black screen
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draw intructionstext font and customization

Break mode was an interesting add-on for this appliation – but  I’m absolutely loving it from a time management perspective. One click press on the keyboard and you can instantly track how long you spend away from the computer on a work-break. As someone that works primarily out of a home office – time management like this is essential.

break mode

Overall Zoomit is an impressive app considering it’s free. If you use screen-sharing applications or make a lot of desktop videos I can see this app being a must-have for your software arsenal.

Download ZoomIt for free from Microsoft’s TechNet SysInternals site.

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