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Windows Phone 7.5 Mango: First Look

What a difference a year makes. This time last year, Microsoft and partners Dell, LG, Samsung and HTC rolled out the first Windows Phone 7 devices. You could smell the disappointment. Easily a generation behind competing Apple iOS, Google Android or even the BlackBerry QNX platforms, Windows Phone 7 floundered about from day one. No wonder […]

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Google OCR: How To Digitize Old Paper Docs

Provided you have a scanner or hi-res camera with tripod and a Google account, it’s pretty easy to get your dusty old paper docs into digital form using Google’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Here’s how. Photo Credit: ShironekoEuro First, just scan or, as a second resort, take a clear picture of the document that you […]

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OS X Lion: How to Merge RSS Feeds with Mail

If you’re a Mac user, there’s no reason to constantly switch back and forth between your RSS reader of choice and your Mail. What a pain. Combine them. Here’s how to do it in Apple OS X Lion. First, launch Mail then select Mail >> Preferences. The Preferences screen comes up. Click on the RSS […]

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Windows Phone 7.5 Mango: Task List First Look

After months now of constantly showing deep demos of its upcoming Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, Microsoft finally unleashed its mobile OS — quietly. Amazon upstaged it with its Kindle Fire tablet this week, true, but now our focus is on Mango. We’ll have a deep dive shortly. Before we start, here’s our mobile expert Todd […]

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Ninite: Freeware Friday

I’m always asking friends their recommendations for the best freeware they know. Most of the time, the first word out of their mouths is  — Ninite. Hey, if you haven’t checked out Ninite –groovyPost has a great piece where we covered it here —  you’re really missing out.  Available for Windows XP and up and […]

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YouTube: Automatic 2D to 3D Viewing

The YouTube blog announced some new features. Its new a 2D to 3D converter lets you make a 3D YouTube video. Here’s how.  First log in to your uploaded video. Click Edit Info. Next click 3D Video. Select Single Image in Frame (normal video). The check Enable 3D conversion for this video. Click Save Changes. […]

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Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet: Security Concerns

Fewer than 24 hours after Amazon chief Jeff Bezos publicly rolled out the hyped-up upcoming Kindle Fire color tablet, privacy activists are already hopping on the case They’re looking at the way its built-in optimized for Fire Silk Mobile Browser captures and distributes what they consider to be private data. Expect an Electronic Frontier Foundation […]

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Groovy Gaming News and Deals

Ubisoft hasn’t said a word about its once widely expected  I Am Alive plans for a good year or more now. Despite amazing trailers it showed for the game in 2009, the game’s been in development for way too long. Most gamers figured Ubisoft killed it. But no! Today, maker UbiSoft announced plans to roll […]

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