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Would You Buy a Netbook That Only Runs An Internet Browser? [Poll]

  This week Google officially announced all of the details surrounding their latest netbook build, the Chromebook.  When put up against other netbooks and tablet-pcs on the market, the Chromebook doesn’t really standout from a hardware perspective.  No, what makes these little machines unique is their operating system -which really isn’t an operating system by […]

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Does anyone see a problem with this? [Rant]

Over the past few months I’ve been fairly quiet about the last several updates from Google. If you’ve not been keeping up, back in April Google released a fairly large update to their search algorithm where, among other things, they started applying feedback from consumers into their search results.  Overall it was good news for […]

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How to Show Days of the Week in Toodledo

Of the to-do list/task manager apps and web apps I’ve tried, I’ve enjoyed Toodledo and RememberTheMilk the most. I like Toodledo because it’s free, and the iPhone app doesn’t require a premium membership. But I liked RememberTheMilk for a seemingly arbitrary reason: it showed the days of the week. Toodledo, for some reason, doesn’t show […]

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Adding Chrome Apps to Unity Launcher

How to Pin Chrome Applications to the Unity Launcher

Earlier, grooveDexter showed you how to pin websites to the Windows taskbar using Chrome. That feature exists for the Linux version of Chrome in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal, but because of the new Unity desktop environment, there’s an extra step involved. The overall process is similar to adding document shortcuts to the Unity launcher. I’ll […]

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