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Frogger Turns 30–Frogger Decades Released for Apple App-Store

We’re going old-school today!  Today Frogger turned 30 and on the anniversary, Konami has released a new updated version for the Apple App-Store called Frogger Decades. Celebrating Frogger’s 30th birthday with an all new adventure! Frogger Decades is an exciting new chapter in the Frogger family of award-winning games, featuring breathtaking animation with an original […]

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Google Music Invite Donation Thread

This morning I logged into my Google Music Beta account and discovered I had 8 invites I could send out.  This is a great sign because just a few weeks ago I had only 2 (and those went quickly…).  Now, since I know these invites are going to go quickly I thought I would start-up […]

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Security Alert: DigiNotar Issues Fraudulent Certificate–Instructions for How to Protect Yourself

A Gmail user from Iran has discovered what appears to be a fraudulent SSL certificate for * The certificate was issued by DigiNotar, a certificate authority from the Netherlands on July 10, 2011. What does this mean? The Register explains it the best for non-Internet security folks, but in a nutshell, it allows the holder […]

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How to Export Windows Live Mail to Outlook 2010

Step-by-step screenshot tutorial for migrating from Windows Live Mail to Microsoft Outlook 2010 and other Exchange clients. Windows Live Mail is Microsoft’s free desktop-based email client that follows in the footsteps of Outlook Express (Windows XP) and Windows Mail (Windows Vista). While Windows Live Mail is the ideal tool for accessing web-based Windows Live Mail […]

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groovyWeek – Apple, Steve Jobs Resigns Edition

A lot has happened for the tech world in the last week, especially at Apple.  Steve Jobs has served as the CEO of Apple since 1997, but now after years of service he’s handing over the reigns to someone else.  But, despite Jobs’ announcement, Apple isn’t slowing down one bit.   Steve Jobs’ Resignation Letter […]

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Facebook Deals Get the Ax

Four months ago Facebook started up its new local business powered deals campaign in answer to Groupon, Living Social, and Google Deals.  Their catch-phrase was “deals are better with friends.”  But, apparently that isn’t the case, at least not for Facebook. In an email earlier today to Reuters Facebook stated: “After testing Deals for four […]

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FreeStudio is a Groovy Image and Video Editing Suite

Long ago, when we turned on our computers, all we saw was a blinking cursor on a black screen. When we turn on our computers nowadays, we get a rich, powerful and customizable user interface powering a lightning fast computer which is ready to edit videos, images and upload all of our media content in a few […]

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A Look At the New “Google Related” Chrome Extension

Google recently released a new extension for Chrome called “Google Related”.  The premise of the extension is that while you’re surfing the web, it will bring up everything relevant that Google can possibly find.  This includes anything from images, news, videos, recipes, reviews and links to other websites.  I installed the extension and played around […]

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