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Apple iOS 5: Now Available

As expected, at 1:20pm EST Apple officially pushed iOS 5 to download-ready status via iTunes. Before you upgrade you’ll need to upgrade iTunes to version 10.5 first.  For instructions, read our guide on preparing iTunes for iOS5. Below are the update notes directly from Apple.  Stay tuned!  As the day goes on we’ll be covering […]

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RIM Outage: Day Three Reaches the US

Millions of Americans woke up to no RIM Blackberry service today. In its third day straight of outages, a core switch failure in Southeast England has led to a global messaging and email backlog on RIM servers running Blackberry causing user messaging, email and all data services to ground to a halt. The outage began […]

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minecraft pocket

Minecraft Pocket for Android: First Look

Good ole’ Notch from Mojang has decided that Minecraft has been confined to a PC for far too long. Minecraft is now available as an app from the Android Market. Here’s our groovy first look. To find it in the Android Market, search “minecraft pocket” or just click on this link.  Minecraft Pocket sports the […]

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Your DNA: Witch Peak and behavioral traits explained

DNA: Your Behavior and Witch Peak Explained

The University of Utah’s Genetic Science Learning Center is following a trail of hints that now lead them to believe that most of the common behavior traits and physical anomalies we notice are purely genetic. That is, the researchers report that such common behavior as rolling ones tongue is coded in Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine and […]

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iTunes 10.5

Apple iOS 5: Upgrade to iTunes 10.5 First

Apple at last releases its Apple iOS 5 mobile operating system tomorrow. That’s Wednesday, October 12, 2011. The first thing to do is get the latest version of iTunes —  iTunes 10.5  –on your Mac or PC today so your iOS 5 upgrade goes smoothly. Apple  iTunes 10.5 is brand new, released just a day […]

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New Samsung Tablet, AT&T Android Phones and is RIM’s Demise Imminent? groovyNews Tuesday Wrap

Top of the news, for me, anyway, was Minecraft. It’s now available from the Android Market. To find it, search “minecraft pocket” or just click this link. Minecraft Pocket sports the groovy little 3D grass square we all know and love, made by original Minecraft developer Mojang.Surprisingly, the app is nice and compact at just […]

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T-Mobile Bobsled: A Real Run at MS Skype

Watch out Skype. The Bobsled’s here. And if you haven’t been paying attention since T-Mobile debuted it this summer, now’s a good time to focus. This is a multi-device app-based VoIP service that so far, to me, blows doors. I mean that in the most technical sense of the term. Now Bobsled isn’t new. It’s […]

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Yap Voicemail goes extinct

Yap Voicemail Shutting Down

After just a year’s run, Yap Voicemail service is on the block.  Yap is the Google Voice-like voicemail-to-text service for Android and iPhone. And it’s headed out the door. I’m disappointed. I wrote a review of it five months ago and the service is still humming. So far, Yap hasn’t announced the reason for its […]

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Google Android: Just Swipe to Call or Text

To make a call or text on your Android phone, here’s the best way: Just slide the contact name over. Even avid Android enthusiasts miss this not-that-obvious UI convenience. Just slide your finger over a contact from the to left or right. Now enter contacts through the contact app or by using your phone’s dialer and […]

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Bob Dylan Live

Steve Jobs: The Bob Dylan Influence

As Wozniak and Jobs have often said, Jobs was a huge, just a huge, Bob Dylan fan. The Beatles, Wozniak told me, came in as a close-second for the music-loving pair. Early Apple boards were in design in Jobs’ kitchen with a copious amount of Dylan and the Beatles playing in the background. Polythene Pam? […]

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Steve Jobs: Rare Video Footage

Our team’s been culling the web to find the rarest Steve Jobs footage available. Here’s our collection of the most evocative and inside Jobs video online today. It’s growing daily. Here is Steve Jobs in an interview just before his 1998 return to Apple. Jobs, who co-founded Apple with inventor Steve Wozniak, was ousted in […]

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Steve Jobs Memorial: Apple Service On Track for October 19

Apple, the company Steve Jobs co-founded in 1976 with fellow computer hobbyist and engineer Steve Wozniak, will hold its official event honoring the life and achievements of its chief and uber evangelist.. Steve Jobs, 56, died Wednesday after a battle with a rare pancreatic cancer. A bit of trivia. At Apple, Jobs is recorded as […]

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