Top Nav is Going Away

In June of 2009, AOL purchased both Patch Media and Going.  Each acquisition came as part of a plan for AOL to widen it’s “local” strategy.  At a cost of $10 million per startup it was no small investment, but it wasn’t exactly a dent in AOL’s deep pockets either.  Now, almost 2 years later, […]

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How to Clear Firefox 4 History, Cookies, and Cache

A year ago we wrote the ultimate guide to clearing out your Firefox History and Cache.  Since then Mozilla has released Firefox version 4.0 and slapped a completely new interface on the browser.  Clearing out history is relatively the same, but we’ve got  instructions for the updated process as well as a few groovy extras […]

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How to Disable Geo-location in Firefox 4

Some websites have location-aware features that can help you find local shops, restaurants, deals, and direction.  Firefox 4 is capable of working with these websites, and it will always ask for permission before sharing your location.  However, Firefox continuously determines your location by sending information about nearby wireless access points and your IP address to […]

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Windows 8 Previews Going Out to Connect Partners

Microsoft has been unusually quiet about their next generation of the Windows operating system.  Recently though, Microsoft has begun distributing pre-beta builds of Windows 8 to the larger Microsoft Connect partners -such as HP.  Along with the release is a leaked background image with proof that Microsoft brought back the “beta fish.”    Microsoft has […]

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Google Search is Now Social with +1 Recommendations

Google is experimenting with a new social recommendation engine that is built-in to normal search results.  Google calls it +1 -aka the “this is pretty cool” button.  With +1 you can instantly recommend search results to others, all it takes is one click of a button next to the result.  The +1 service is still […]

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