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Windows 7: How To Set Up Homegroup Sharing

If you get a new Windows 7 computer over the holidays, check out the Homegroup feature. It lets you share files, folders and printers between other Windows 7 systems over your home network. Note: You can only use the homegroup feature on a home network. The Internet connection needs to be set to Home. Click […]

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Google: Access Real Time Analytics

In September, Google announced its Real Time Analytics service. It includes new reports that show what’s happening on your site as it happens. Here’s  how to access the new reports and a quick screenshot tour of what to expect. Note: Real Time Analytics is only available using the new Google Analytics interface. Log into Google […]

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Fake Siri Article

How to Create Fake Siri Conversations Online

This Friday I found a fun way to fake out your friends. It’s a site that lets you create fake Siri conversations. After creating the fake conversation you can share it with your friends via email or social networks. First, go to the iFakeSiri website and select the carrier you want to show on your […]

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Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle Fire: Disable Auto Orientation

The Amazon Kindle Fire comes with auto-orientation enabled by default. So whenever you rotate or roll the device, its internal accelerometer and gyroscope compensate by rotating the screen contents. I’ve found this feature to be annoying when laying down to read from the device. Here’s how to disable the feature. Tap the settings notification bar […]

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iPhone 4

How To Customize Spotlight Search Results in iOS

Spotlight in iOS is a great way to find anything on your device. You can customize the way spotlight searches results. Here’s how. Customize iOS Spotlight Search Results On you iDevice, go to Settings >> General then tap Spotlight Search. Now tap and hold the lists button. Move the search categories in the order you […]

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WLW Error

Windows Live Writer: Retrieve Old WordPress Posts

When you try to retrieve a WordPress post older than the 100 most recent, Windows Live Writer gives you an error. Until the Windows Live team addresses the issue, you can use the following fix. You’ll need Windows Live Writer, a website running WordPress and any web browser except for Google Chrome. First install WLWDownloader […]

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