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How to Encrypt Your Dropbox Folder

We have a popular post here at groovyPost that compares Dropbox and SugarSync.  The lengthy review has given rise to quite a bit of discussion in the comments, including a bit of controversy over security. Dropbox and SugarSync, which both utilize Amazon’s S3 web storage, claim that your data is safe from hackers due to […]

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Rock Out on the Google home page with the Logo Guitar

If you’re like me, you search Google directly from your browser’s address bar, and although it’s more efficient than visiting the home page -you can easily miss out on some of the grooviest Doodles.  In honor of what would have been famous guitarist Les Paul’s 96th birthday, Google created an HTML5-based web guitar that is […]

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How to Always Securely Connect to Windows Live and Hotmail via HTTPS

If you find yourself often using public WiFi, unsecured netwoorks, or your phone, you might want to enable secure connections for your Hotmail account.  Gmail already does this by default, but Hotmail, Facebook, and others require that you manually enable the feature.  The secure connection is maintained via HTTPS, which incorporates TLS (transport layer security) […]

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Update: Google Lets You Keep Your Old Google Voice Number

Good news, everybody! If you ported your number to Google Voice or integrated your Sprint account with Google Voice, you get to keep your old phone number after all. Previously, Google Voice users had a single number associated with their Google Voice accounts. Wiring Google Voice together with your actual phone involved a mildly complicated […]

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How to Automatically Change Incoming “Important” Emails into Normal Emails When Using Microsoft Outlook 2010

Have you ever received an email from someone marked as “IMPORTANT!” only to find out that it is some end-of-the-world hoax chain-email that is going around?  I’ve had my fair share, and I’ve also had enough.  The importance flag for emails in Outlook and elsewhere has been abused beyond forgiveness, and it’s time to make […]

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