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Samsung Galaxy S II is now Official

The moment many of you have been waiting for is here: Samsung has officially launched the Galaxy S II at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last night. The phone had been rumored a while ago.  The new Galaxy S II (model name is GT-I9100) is definitely a smartphone that perfectly fits in today’s tech […]

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Lose Your iPhone = Lose Your Data… Maybe

At least that’s what an experiment made by the famous German institute Fraunhofer (they’re the ones responsible for creating the mp3 compression, among many other things) has uncovered. What they’ve managed to prove is concerning however not exactly shocking considering the earlier bug discovered just a few months back. Basically, if a would-be-hacker can gain […]

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groovyPost Weekly Wrap

Another week, another set of groovy tech tutorials and news!  We’ve talked about a lot, and below we’ll look at the “best of” our entire week.  As usual, we’ve also included some techy tidbits of information that we didn’t get to talk about.   Who Can You Trust? Facebook vs. Flickr vs. Picasa vs. Windows […]

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Nokia decides to go with Microsoft, after all… WOW!

Nokia has made quite the Groovy move. Everybody (including me) expected Nokia to announce that it would produce Android phones in the future, Nokia has managed to surprise everyone.  Stephen Elop, the Nokia CEO, has shown that he is a man of his word and that Nokia does want to make significant changes. So the […]

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Opening Day For the Verizon iPhone

Today was the official launch for the Verizon iPhone making it available in partner stores across the U.S.  Certainly the move to a second carrier has seen a lot of hype among iPhone fans and websites alike, but just how much did that convert into actual sales?  According to the Twitter stream, lines were pretty […]

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Internet Explorer 9 RC Now Available

Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) has come a long way since first introducing their beta last September.  After lots of testing, Microsoft is now distributing the first Release Candidate of the web browser.  According to Microsoft, they are very close to the final version and this RC is “feature complete.”  All that is left to do […]

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