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Spotify Arrives – Now Available in the US

Things just got interesting the US for online music services like Pandora and Grooveshark.  Spotify arrived this morning on US Shores!  As of this morning, the free online streaming service starting rolling out across the US via an invite-only beta phase.  We wrote-up a review of Spotify in the past so were excited to see […]

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How to Fix Slow Loading Folders in Windows 7

The mystery started about 6 months after I bought my new machine.  My new Windows 7 PC started slowing down when loading folders that had a few hundred downloads in them.  At first I figured it was just a fragmentation HD issue or perhaps my Anti-Virus was going wacky on me.  Unfortunately after trying all these basics, […]

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How-To Install DreamScene on Windows 7

Remember Windows Vista? Although not he favorite MS release of all time, when I flipped over to Windows 7 from Vista there was a feature I missed almost immediately – DreamScene. The DreamScene background was a very groovy feature which wasn’t included in Windows 7 for whatever reason.  Although I found a work-around, I just […]

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Friday Fun: Team Fortress 2 is now Free to Play

Over the last few Friday Fun groovyPost’s, we’ve mentioned a few old-school gaming articles, like the Android Nintendo 64 Emulator, our ZSNES article and our tutorial guide to playing old-school DOS games on a Vista or Windows 7 computer. Well if old-schoolin it isn’t your thing, today I’ll explain how-to get a free copy of […]

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Replace Your Taskbar with ObjectDock

The windows taskbar has changed little over the last 10 – 15 years.  In fact, it wasn’t until Windows 7 that the “pin” feature was enabled.  But, even with Windows 7, the taskbar is still rather lackluster.  In the past, I talked about an alternative to the Windows taskbar called RocketDock which up until now has been my […]

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Google+ groovyPost Invite Update

Last night I left an update on our Google+ invite post that I managed to kick out a few dozen invites to those who left a comment however I just tested out one of those invites on my test account and it looks like even if you have an invite, Google has once again locked […]

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How to Setup Chrome Sync and Duplicate Your Install Across Multiple Computers

Google Chrome allows a wide variety of customization.  You can install apps, extensions, and themes.  Chrome also remembers bookmarks, preferences, passwords, and autofill information.  All of these features add a lot of convenience to your browsing experience, but it would also be a huge pain if you had to re-personalize Chrome for use on another […]

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How-To Make a Google Plus Icon in Photoshop

Hello Photoshop fans! With all the buzz going on lately about Google Plus, there was no avoiding making a related Photoshop tutorial about it too. Although it may seem easy, the simple looking g+ icon is in fact a bit difficult to perfectly replicate, but surely that won’t stop us. Prepare to dive into some […]

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Google Getting Serious about UI Design

With the release of Google+, it appears Google is on a mission to not only remake its social brand, but its entire product suite as well. Google kicked off its remake with a blog post announcing the 3 founding design principles its design revamp will be based on. 1. Focus 2. Elasticity 3. Effortlessness In […]

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Google+ (Plus) for Android Screenshot Tour

We’ve talked about the Google Plus experience on the desktop and the iPhone. So how could we pass it up on Android?  <spoiler> Blurting out my first impression…  when you stack up the Android version of Google+ against the iPhone web version, the Android app comes off matching the online experience amazingly well.  It’s not […]

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New GMAIL Themes

How-To Enable the New GMAIL Facelift Today

Gmail has had the same look since its release back in 2004, and while it’s friendly and familiar – it’s getting a bit aged….  At least, Google thought so!  Google just announced that Gmail will be receiving a facelift in the next few weeks in order to “remove the clutter and make it as beautiful as it […]

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