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groovyPost Weekly Wrap for November 10, 2012

This week our Editor in Chief, Brian Burgess, published the stupendous compendium: groovyPost’s Complete Guide to Windows 8. You won’t find more complete coverage of Microsoft’s new operating system than this continuously growing guide. Bookmark this one folks; you’ll want to come back to it often.
Complete Windows 8 Guide

And just to sample some of this week’s best Windows stories, check out How to Create Desktop Shortcut to Favorites in Windows 7 and 8 by Hammad Saleem.

And Brian continues his series on how to make the most of Microsoft’s new music service. Read his article on How To Use Xbox Music Smart DJ in Windows 8.

Launch Xbox Music

Brian also writes the techie tip, How To Mount an ISO Disc Image in Windows 8. If your day-to-day computing requires using a lot of ISOs, Windows 8 has you covered — and without the need for third-party software. Groovy!

On a darker note, two potential security breaches were in the news this week and Bogdan Bele covers the stories. Starting with Anonymous Claims PayPal Hack: Change Your PayPal Password.

Bogdan also covers another possible breach in Twitter Accounts Hacked: Resets More Passwords Than Necessary. It all comes down to password security; check out our past coverage of two factor authentication.

Meanwhile, Brian Burgess goes in depth with his review of the BlueAnt Ribbon Bluetooth Streamer. This is a great alternative if you don’t want to buy $100 worth of new cables to use your existing speaker docks for new Apple devices.

BlueAnt Music Streamer

This week join host Josh Windisch, Brian Burgess and Austin Krause on TechGroove 18: Apple Needs More Cowbell as they talk about Apple being doomed — really? And yes, lots of other current tech topics too.

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Brian digs into Google’s OS as well in How To Run Chrome OS Without a Chromebook. Here he shows how to run it on Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac.

Samsung Chromebook

Hammad delves into the popular Android mobile OS with how to Sync Files on Android to the Cloud with FolderSync.

FolderSync 2

Kim Barloso reminds us that sharing is a good thing – but that’s not entirely true for smartphones. The contents of your device may not always be something you want anyone to see, be it your child or a close friend. Read her article on How To Lock Apps and Functions in Android with App Lock.

app lock advanced

And on the groovy tech fun front, YouTube is a great way to listen to your favorite music in playlists without paying for a subscription. Plus you can check out live performances and music videos. Brian shows us how in his article: Make YouTube Your Streaming Music Service.

YouTube Disco Playlist

I’d call that one way great week in tech on groovyPost! Check back daily, and be sure to return next weekend for the weekly wrap.

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