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groovyPost Weekly for January 7, 2012


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Is your Windows 7 or Vista computer acting up? Brian Burgess reports on one of Microsoft’s tools which will help you understand the problem and maybe even repair it. Be sure to check this out and run a health report on your system this month.

Device Driver Error

Are you using MS’s popular Windows Live Writer as your blog editor? Then you want to know about this tip from Bogdan Bele, who explains how to use WLW from multiple computers using Dropbox.

Picture Tools wlw

Speaking of Dropbox, this article explains how to install Dropbox on your Kindle Fire, making use of one of the Fire’s lesser known features.

Drropbox Kindle Fire icon

Are you eager to try out a Ribbon interface on Explorer? You can dive into the Windows 8 Developer Preview, or try this simple method that lets you Get the Windows 8 Explorer Ribbon on Windows 7.

Windows 8 Ribbon

Meanwhile, the Attack of the Androids crew, including Seth, Jeremy, Joey, Mat and Sherwyn, have published another podcast. Be sure to check out their App Picks and news of a coming Google Nexus Table.

Attack of the Androids

Also, Jeremy Lesniak shows us a great Android app called Fast Reboot for smartphones or tablets useful to increase the performance of your device.

Fast Reboot

Ron White takes the wraps off the Stepford models Swedish fashion chain H&M is using in their recent catalog. Computer generated models?  What next?

Avatars? Stepford models? Paper dolls?

Finally for this week, Brian Burgess shows us how to ignore Apple software update notices on Windows computers.

Apple Software update

Check back during the week for our coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show news, and be sure to check in next weekend for your weekly wrap.

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