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groovyPost Weekly Wrap for August 4, 2012

In a major re-branding and update, is Revamped Web Mail from Microsoft.  Be sure to read the story from Brian Burgess.

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While you are checking out this new service, follow Brian’s great tips, like Use Office Web Apps to Edit Documents Online.

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In more news from a Bogdan Bele story, Microsoft Surface Tablet Gets Confirmed Release Date.  Great looking device, I’d preorder if I could (Microsoft, I’m looking at you!)

microsoft surface

Like the Podcast app for iOS, iTunes U has broken out of iTunes as its own app too.  Brian Burgess reports in iTunes U is Available as a Standalone App.

Yet again, a security issue at Dropbox is in the news.  Bogdan Bele reports in his Dropbox – The Latest in the Security Breach List.

dropbox security breach

With security on our minds, Jack Busch writes this timely article, Can Your Data Be Undeleted? Four Ways to Erase Your Hard Drive.

quick format data recovery

And Austin Krause writes LastPass Offers Two New Increased Security Options.

lastpast general login security settings

On the Android beat, Bogdan Bele reports that Android Ice Cream Sandwich User Numbers Growing.

ice cream sandwich

And Hammad Saleem will show you how to Run Android Apps on Your Mac or Windows PC.

Bluestacks 6

Are you a YouTube junkie and want to enhance your experience in Chrome?  Then be sure to read Hammad’s tip, Customize the YouTube Videos Page in Chrome.

YouTube Options 5

And finally today, if you are still looking for another Olympics fix, follow Steve Krause’s advice in this story: Looking for the Best Olympic 2012 Photography on the Planet? Yeah, Found it!  Steve, those photos just rock!

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So there you have it.  Another sensational week of news and the best in how to advice right here on groovyPost.  Tune in daily and again next weekend for the weekly wrap.

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