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Amazon Launches Charity-Oriented “Smile” Subdomain

Despite its recent lack of profitability, Amazon has found another way to cut into its already razor-thin margins and win the hearts of customers; charity. Amazon’s new smile subdomain offers up 0.5% of all purchases towards a charitable institution of the consumers choice.

AmazonSmile lead, Ian McAllister, says that the charity program is something customers are sure to love and the shopping experience is otherwise identical to to the normal Amazon site. There are however a few exceptions for items that do not qualify for charity, these include: subscription items (subscribe & save), and digital items. Nearly everything else on the site qualifies, including some of the most expensive items listed in the Fine Art section such as a $4.85 million dollar painting.

amazon smile intro

Now the best part of this, is that although there are some large featured charities on the page, you can use the search tool to get very specific. Want to donate to your local schools and fire departments by buying on Amazon? You can. Imagine if your local supermarkets did this rather than asking if you’d like to add-on money for some random charity that you probably don’t care about. Do I want to donate funds to bring cinnamon rolls to kids in Croatia? Maybe. But helping out my local community? Definitely. And the best part is it doesn’t even cost customers anything, Amazon is footing the 0.5% charitable bill.

The charity chosen isn’t permanent either, it can be changed at any time using the Change Your Support link. This means if there are multiple charities you want to help out, just change the setting between each purchase.

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charity search

The smile program is simple enough to use. Just visit choose your charity, and then shop like normal. Donations are not given unless you specifically buy while on the subdomain.

Charities interested in joining the program can sign up at

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